[Utsprogcomp2013] Team DmC

utsprogcomp2013 at progsoc.org utsprogcomp2013 at progsoc.org
Sat Apr 20 17:58:17 EST 2013

As you know we have a problem of marking system today.

If our group DmC is 1st ranked of team group competition, can i ask you for sign in me to register with your team in next week competition with other uni?

Btw, i finished the question 6 and i'm waiting for u to remark it because of run-time error. Because the input have to be something like 6^^^5 not 5*5 or something other special symbols so i do the simple version, same as the result, if u asked more specific i'll change later. Because the marking system doesn't work so i don't know exactly what question needed.


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