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Sat Apr 20 19:52:11 EST 2013

Please disregard the scoreboard. The results haven't been finalised. You
might not be first. But yes, we can sign you up.

And we will get around to remarking everyone sometime soon.


> As you know we have a problem of marking system today.
> If our group DmC is 1st ranked of team group competition, can i ask you
> for sign in me to register with your team in next week competition with
> other uni?
> Btw, i finished the question 6 and i'm waiting for u to remark it because
> of run-time error. Because the input have to be something like 6^^^5 not
> 5*5 or something other special symbols so i do the simple version, same as
> the result, if u asked more specific i'll change later. Because the
> marking system doesn't work so i don't know exactly what question needed.
> Darren,
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To judiciously use split infinitives is fine by me...

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