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(1st paragraph blatantly stolen from the TFM)

ProgSoc is a student group affiliated with the UTS Union. Our Constitution orders us to learn and disseminate in the form of thick coloured heavily italicised manuals for First Years that we spend weeks writing and proofreading and arguing about and that they use as door stops. Members include students and graduates – even after Death we must return.

Membership of the society was over 400 in 1996, making it one of the largest “activities” groups at UTS.

Activities ProgSoc is involved with include TFM (lit. The Manual) an introduction to the computing environment within the Faculty of Information Technology at UTS.

ProgSoc also maintains a fleet of computers on its very own network, which it makes available to registered members for their own experimentation. However you should make sure that any experiment carried out does not breach ProgSoc’s Acceptable Usage Policy.

Day to day running of the Programmers’ Society is handled by the Executive. These positions are appointed by vote at the Annual General Meeting, held in March each year.

Day to day running of the fleet of computers is typically delegated by the Executive to a group of administrators headed by the Computer Systems Officer. The Executive has established a set of Guidelines for Administrators. These guidelines cover certain of the activities of Administrators with a view to preventing serious abuses of administrative priviledges. They are published for reference by delegated administrators and for the information of interested members. They do not represent a committment or obligation on the Executive’s part to ProgSoc members, merely an indication of what the Executive expects of its administrators.

Discussion between the society’s members is encouraged via the progsoc mailing list. If you are having problems, and don’t know who to talk to, why not try one of these contacts.

Minutes of the Society's meetings are available on the WWW.

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