UTS Programmers' Society Equipment Acceptable Use Policy

Effective on and from July 14, 1996

Amended December 2, 1997


( Definitions as per the Society’s constitution. )

The Society operates for its members a collection of equipment, belonging both to the Society and to individual members.

Acceptable use of this equipment is considered to be any use which is generally in line with the Society's objects, apart from the following:

  • Any activity which, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, is of an illegal or fraudulent nature.
  • Any activity causing traffic to or from any connected network which does not meet that network’s AUP.
  • Impersonating another user, or allowing another user to impersonate you.
  • Any form of commercial activity not specifically authorised by the Executive Committee.
  • Any activity likely to bring ProgSoc into disrepute.
  • Any activity which would reduce the security or usability of the Society’s equipment.
  • Possession of material designed to facilitate a breach of this policy.
  • Assisting others to breach any part of this policy.
  • Listening for connection to any machine on ProgSoc’s network on protocol ports below 10000 or above 11000 without prior authorisation from the Executive Committee. (See footnote 1).


  1. The ports 10000 to 11000 inclusive are allocated for experimental use inside ProgSoc.
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