UTS Programmers' Society Account Locking Policy

Effective from March 11, 2002

The policy regarding locking/unlocking of accounts is as follows:

  • The psexec email address will be added to automated reports generated by (un)locking scripts.
  • Admins who lock accounts should report to the CSO. It is the CSO’s responsibility to report to the executive based on the admin’s report and the CSO’s own investigations. It is the executive’s responsibility to decide any action based on the CSO’s report. No admin (including the CSO) can unlock accounts without the executive’s approval.

The following is proposed by the CSO in addition to the above:

  • The unlock script identify the user running it (in the same way the locking script does).
  • Any member of the executive or admins may unlock an account in the sole case of nonpayment of membership if it is found the member has paid membership or pays after their account is locked. The original reason for locking the account must be “Membership overdue”.
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