UTS Programmers' Society Guidelines for Administrators

July 14, 1996

From time to time the Executive Committee may grant administrative priviledges to individuals (referred to as Administrators) to enable them to perform administrative functions on the Society’s equipment, on the Executive Committee’s behalf.

Administrators will not use these priviledges without due cause.

Administrators may act in any appropriate manner to identify and rectify breaches of the AUP, where there are reasonable grounds for believing that unacceptable usage is occuring or has occurred in the past. Their actions may include, but are not limited to:

  • Examination, storage, duplication, alteration or removal of any data stored on the Society’s equipment.
  • Interception of any data in transit on any of the Society’s equipment or to or from any connected network.

Administrators will not use any information gained from the exercise of their priviledges for any purpose other than the administration of the Society’s equipment of for the reporting of their activities to the Executive Committee.

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