Current (May 2003) Photos

The door to the new ProgSoc room. (Room #3) CB10.03.380A (entry via CB10.03.380)Inside the ProgSoc room - with Catie, Nicholas, the mugs, the plant, and dispater.
Yes, they’re all using Macs ;-)Yeenoghu, Ftoomsh, and Anubis. Note the electrocution-preventing masking tape on ftoomsh.
The temperature guage. Right next to Anubis’ fans.The member machine rack.
The lineup - geryon, orgo, yeenoghu, ftoomsh, and anubis.Trogdor, the new server donated by Sun.
Trogdor, the burninator! With a beefy arm for good measure.The CSO in the corner with demogorgon, medusa, sutekh, and the switch.
CompSoc’s kindly donated plant.Bits’n’pieces
Nicholas and Matthew.Switchy, the Switch.
One of the old SCSI hdds from sutekh.Now a convenient doorstop!Certificates and suchlike.
Jubilex Mobo’s. Why do we still have these again? :-)ProgSoc’s most recent purchase - Sucky the vacuum cleaner.

Older photos

The old Progsoc room

Take particular note of:

  • The Coke Pyramid

That thing was 7×7 at the base. It was one of the most difficult decisions to leave it behind. To this day I believe we should have left ftoomsh and taken the cans. A new pyramid is now in the making.

  • Ftoomsh

Ftoomsh is the one with the defect sticker on it. The most productive thing it does is hold up the coke pyramid.

  • The TempRat

See the rectangular box behind and to the right of the coke pyramid?

  • Yellow envelope air conditioner duct installation.

An engineering masterpiece.

  • Open window

Was the stress too much? Did Anand jump?

  • Rogue six pack of beer

That beer has been in the Progsoc room for years. Not wanting to disappoint, it made its final appearance in the bottom left of the photo. It will be sorely missed.

  • Progsoc Junk Pile

This would have to be the most impressive junk pile I’ve seen in a long time.

Everything has to go!

This is the stuff we left behind during the great Progsoc move of 1997

The New Progsoc Room (Room #2)

From back to front on the left:

  • Ftoomsh.

The console is on top and the disk is the large box in front of the rack. The Temprat is the black and grey box on ftoomsh.

  • Orgo.

The console is the one with the orange screen. The machine hides below the desk.

  • Jubilex.

The monitor in front of orgo’s.

From back to front on the right:

  • Air Conditioner.

Aren’t we glad we have one of these.

  • Geryon.

The console is the large monitor and the machine is the grey box below it.

  • S/Linux development box.

The next grey box in front of geryon.

  • Orcus.

The console is the closest monitor and the machine is the brown box below it.

Progsoc Room #2 just after move-in

Bonus points for recognising who is in the photo.

Dilbert + ProgSoc

Sent in by an anonymous member.

The 1998 Union Dinner

Ftoomsh's (v1) last day

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