Projects - Have a look at some of the ways you can get involved with ProgSoc.

The Fleet of Machines - Information on ProgSoc’s Fleet of Machines.

TFM - Information about the development of the New TFM and the Old TFM Online.

Mailing Lists - A vast (?) repository of the profound spoutings of ProgSoc members (read: flame-wars).

The Photo Gallery - The ProgSoc room over the years; various activities.

The ProgSoc Mug - The Infamous Mug.

The ProgSoc Brick - The Doubly-Infamous Brick.

The CD Burial - When some Dutch students send a strange CD to ProgSoc, asking it to be buried, how could we resist?.

MUDS and MODEMS - MUDs and the Dialup Modem Policy.

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