TFM is a longstanding ProgSoc tradition. It is a compendium of the most useful things that any new person to the Unix world (and many less new people too!) should know. Chapters are contributed and have been heavily edited every few years.

TFM has arrived!

Finally, six years after the previous edition, TFM is back, totally new. Several brand-new chapters have been added, several dog-old chapters have been removed, and the others have been heavily updated. This is the manual that every ProgSoc member should own.

This page contains the latest info on getting TFM, and a mini TFM FAQ.

Check out the Table of Contents for TFM 2003, including some sample chapters!


Woo! What is it?

TFM, The Programmers’ Society manual, is the definitive guide to all things computery at UTS. With something for everyone, it covers everything from reading email and using the Web to surviving Uni without dying of malnutrition. It’s 238 pages packed with everything you’ll need to know about ProgSoc, UNIX, Linux, and the hundreds of arcane but incredibly useful applications that go along with it.

TFM has a long history. It started life in 1993 as a simple manual for getting around the (then-dominant) Sun systems at UTS. Since then it has undergone several rewrites and reprints. The most recent version before this one was in 1997, which by today’s standards is pretty out-of-date; it mentions images as the next big thing for Web pages! The new edition is up-to-date in all respects - for example, it includes a chapter on CSS, which has been the next big thing since at least 1999!

It sounds absolutely fantastic, but I'm not 100% convinced it's for me.

You’re wrong. It is!

How much is it?

$5 for members, and $15 for non-members.

How can I get a copy?

They will be available during semester from the ProgSoc room, but your first chance to get your hands on a copy will be at the ProgSoc meeting, Thursday, 31st of July.

What exactly is inside?

Have a look at the table of contents and sample chapters.

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