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Summary of Minutes from the AGM, 16th March, 1994

(taken from: [[1]])

1. Chris Fraser gives short history of ProgSoc.
Farmer Keane, fresh off the boat from poverty-torn Ireland, sees America and ... No, I have him confused with Tom Cruise.

2. We have ~$1400 in the bank. TFM 1994, after payment of printing costs, has so far made $100.

3. Problem with ProgSoc 93:
-- Executive committee did most of the work, meaning exec position is a big time committment.

Solution: Pres + Vice Pres to handle Union, administration.
Systems and Publications committees will do all work in relevant areas.

The chair of each committee (Computing Systems Officer + Publications Officer) will define objectives, etc, in consultation with committee.

4. Ftoomsh will be the responsibility of Computing Systems Officer, with sys admin (I took this to mean Sbg) as backup.

5. Elections.

New positions are:

President: Chris Fraser

Vice President: Stephen Boyd Gowing

Treasurer: Jollinus Rashid Salehy

Secretary: Piers Johnson

Public Relations Officer: Vicky Papageorgiou

Computing Systems Officer: James Wondrasek

Publications Officer: Grant Heinrich

6. Upcoming tasks:

6a. Ftoomsh:
-- Need acceptable use policy to be approved by Peter Gale before Ftoomsh will be connected to net.

-- Need admin policy for day to day admin.

Current suggestions:
-- No dirty pictures
-- Filespace rules.

Action (both?): Jimmy to post to date of equipment committee meeting to progsoc list.

6b. ACM programming contest:
Jenny Edwards wants UTS to have a stronger presence at programming competitions; this will require intensive training and a special diet. ProgSoc may want to help with training.

Selection method for competitors to be decided later. ProgSoc are invited to make suggestions.

Possibility of Sydney as future contest site. ProgSoc will be asked to help administer competitions.

6c. Publications:
Grant Heinrich will post date for first publications meeting to ProgSoc list. If you're interested in attending, mail me.

6d. World Wide Web seminar:
Chris Fraser has offered to present an overview and a more technical seminar on WWW. Big yes all round.

7. Other suggestions:
Help system for student questions. Debate: would that become another method of cheating on assignments? Everyone looks nervously at Jenny Edwards ... She seems to believe our denials. Chris Fraser suggests UNIX help for users, hypertext /WWW system. May be customisable for UTS.

Activity / game days: xtank et al.

Jenny Edwards rouses membership into violent takeover of the Computer Society.

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