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Minutes from the AGM, 13th March, 1995

(original PDF at: [[1]])

(I'd like to thank God, my Parents and Piers for these minutes)

Roll Call


Brad Hughes, Alistar Air, Phil Shead, Dennis Clark, George Wright, Paul McLachlan, Jason Crane, Matthew Young, Piers Johnson, Andrew Wilson, Peter Lees, Adrian Hall, Ian Woolf, Tim Sadler, Adam Blanchard, Richard Vagg, Glenn Rickersey, Christian Byron, Jeremy Rashbrooke, Robert Sequeira, Peter Meric, Steve Evans, Rashu Kharbanda, Chris Fraser, James Bathe, Vicky Papageorgiou, Ryan Shelswell, Iain Sinclair, Chris Holland, Stephen Gowing (non-member), Betty Wong (non-member).


Out-going President, Christopher Fraser opens the meeting.

Opening address. (7:04pm)

Reading of the agenda items, and greeting of members both new and old.

1. Apologies.

Apologies. - passed over.

2. Summary of events of 1994.

An overview of the achievements of 1994 is given. The purchase of equipment, and the construction of the same is described. The support of the School of Computing's second team to the Programming Competition in Melbourne is also mentioned. Also, the Doom competition and ProgSoc programming competition, and the involvement of ProgSoc members in training the programming teams were summarised. A description of ProgSoc to new members: resources, aims, membership, benefits of membership all covered. Out-going Vice-President Stephen Gowing chips in.

3. Nomination and election of 1995 office holders.

Voting for the 1995 Executive.

The Presidents position described to the members present (read from the society's constitution).

Candidates (Votes)

Dennis Clark(14) Paul McLachlan (9) Dennis elected President.

The Vice-President's position described (as above).

Candidates (Votes)

Sammy Youssef (5) Paul McLachlan (18) Paul McLachlan elected Vice-president.

The Secretary position described.

Candidates: George Wright (unopposed)

The Treasurer position described.


Andrew Wilson (unopposed)

The Public Relations officer position described.


Sammy Youssef (unopposed)

The Society Computer Administrator's election postponed to later in the meeting, as the position description is out of date and needs revision. A review of equipment and the deciding upon the budgeting for new equipment in 1995 are agreed by the attendant membership to be necessary before an appointment can be made. Deferred to point 7a, below.

4.1995 Budget

Budget allocation.

The membership has agreed upon the following allocation of the ProgSoc budget in 1995:

(a) Competitions - has a $300 entry fee per team. If not in Sydney, then the cost will be doubled. Expect some support from SoCS (as last year). Allocation: $600

NB 1995 Executive commits itself to asking the Union for funding.

(b) Development Tools — Registered copy of software for development with a view to being ' used as a base in competitions (Doom). Problems with licensing agreements. Membership divided about the use of the purchased software. A recommendation to examine the cost, with a ceiling of $70 placed upon the purchase. Expected to be $50. Allocation: $50

(c) Hardware - Sun Microsystems ENS (represented by Robert Sequira) commits itself without reservation to the continued donation of old (pre-loved) hardware.

Votes: Proposals for new hardware & goods:

{ 0 } Modems/phone lines

Problems with UTS PABX, line in by Telecom not viable. Cost of modems/line rental prohibitive. Not this year? Proposed that individual members could sponsor a personal (private) line, paying for modem and cabling. Investigation required. Decision pending available options.

{ 10 } Fast server PC (pentium) running linux, or similar. For development, testing etc.

{ 18 } More disk for ftoomsh/orgo already have some unused disk from Sun. Not guaranteed to work. Will have to be tested.

{ 2 } Furniture, etc. for HQ

{ 7 } Deferring funds

{ 6 } Investing funds

Motion carried to purchase more disk. 2 Gig of disk proposed and passed.

Allocation: $2000

Total budget allocated for use in 1995: $2650

5. Equipment.

Usage. Setup and installation of a second machine (orgo) by the members passed. As noted in point 4(c), SUN ENS will continue to supply unwanted (and probably faulty) hardware.

Experimental network (Plan 9) - supported. Both passed.

6. Support for other clubs & societies.

ProgSoc resources are to be made available to other clubs for mailing lists, Web pages etc. in return for support for the membership from those other clubs and societies. Not necessarily financial support (in fact, most unlikely) - passed.

It was suggested that the membership provide computer-oriented training and support to non-computing students (especially if they be members of those clubs or societies which use ProgSoc resources). GRUnTS II have formally approached ProgSoc, and we are happy to accommodate their requests. - passed.

7. Other planned activities for 1995

Doom Competition

ProgSoc programming competition

7a. Election of Society Computer Administrator (Deffered from point 3.)

Discussion of the Society Computer Administrator's role. Description in the Constitution is wrong and should be changed. Special general meeting should be called to rectify this. Correct position description & the Constitutional description both read out.

Candidates (Votes)

Phil Shead (22) Matthew Young (1) Phil Shead elected CSO.

Appointment of System Administrators will be carried out by the executive in the future. Andrew & sbg to continue with it for the present.

8. JLP Current Status.

The JLP (Justice League of ProgSoc) was formed midway through last year, in response to alleged contravention of the Acceptable Usage Policy for ftoomsh (the ProgSoc UNIX server).

Unfortunately, it quickly diverged from the draft of its duties and position, and this caused some debate between members.

The rewriting of the Acceptable Use Policy is necessary before the membership can decide on the status of the JLP,


The JLP should not know the identity of any alleged transgressors - the members of the JLP should simply know what has allegedly happened, without knowing identities. (blind justice)

There should be separation of powers. No member of the Executive may be on the JLP.

The JLP is an advisory body. It will report to the Executive, who then decide whether the recommended action is warranted.

If the Executive veto a JLP decision, a special general meeting should be called to let the membership decide what should happen.

JLP description to be rewritten (& included in Constitution?)

8a. Late arising items. (Non-agenda item.)

Proposal for a Special General Meeting to be held on 27th March, 1995. This meeting will be for the amendments to the Constitution & the AUP, JLP description. - passed.

For further information, verification, complaints etc... email

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