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Minutes of Programmers' Society AGM, 2nd April 1996

Chair: Dennis Clark

1. Meeting commenced at 7:15pm

2. Financial Report given by 1995 treasurer, Andrew Wilson. The Society had over $4000 in the bank at the end of 1995, with more income expected from sale of membership.

3. General discussion about changing the Society's bank & opening new bank accounts at the UTS branch of St George.

4. 1995 executive resigned. Nominations for 1996 executive were taken.

5. The following people were elected into executive positions:

President:Dennis Clark (elected unopposed)
Vice President:Roland Turner (unopposed)
Secretary:Peter Lees (20 votes to 3 for Eliseo d'Annunzio)
Treasurer:Cameron Dorrington (unopposed)
Equipment Officer:Anton Blanchard (unopposed)

It was noted that Dennis was serving his second term as President.

6. It was agreed that the Society should open an account at St George Bank at UTS as soon as possible, and operate 2 accounts until such time as the constitution could be amended to remove the specification of the "UTS branch of State Bank" as the offical Programmer's Society bank.

7. General discussion that the constitution should be reviewed to remove ambiguity and errors in some places.

8. General discussion about when to hold general meetings in 1996. It was agreed that May and August were good times to hold events.

9. General discussion about how the Society should go about spending money.

10. Meeting closed 8:12pm.

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