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Minutes of Programmers' Society AGM, 11th April 1997

Chair: Dennis Clark

1. Meeting commenced at 6:03 pm

2. Apologies: Chris Wood

3. Minutes of previous AGM were adopted.

4. President's report presented by Dennis Clark on activities of the past year. Items of note included the development of policies governing the use and administration of the Society's computer resources, and the acquisition of a number of new computers from Sun.

5. Financial Report given by 1996 treasurer, Cameron Dorrington:

Bank Balance $ 6956
Outstanding Cheques $ 2077 (TFM)
Available Funds $ 4879
Proposed Purchases $ 2000 (DDS-2 tape drive + tapes)
Balance $ 2879

6. 1996 executive resigned.

7. Moved R. Turner, seconded P.Lees:

that Peter Meric be appointed returning officer

Motion was carried unapposed.

8. Nominations for 1997 executive were taken.

9. The following people were nominated, with votes as recorded:

President: Roland Turner (32 votes) Chi Hoai Tran (10 votes)
Vice President: Paul McLachlan (26 votes) James Bathe(10 votes)
Secretary: Peter Lees (16 votes) Michael Newman (15 votes)
Treasurer: Cameron Dorrington (unopposed)
Computer Systems Officer: Anand Kumria (unopposed)

10. D.Clark handed over chair to R.Turner, who called for discussion on direction for ProgSoc in 1997.

11. Discussion of need for new room. SOCS is likely to evict ProgSoc from its current room as it is being turned into a computer lab. The school has implied in the past that it will help to find new housing for ProgSoc within the school "whenever" ProgSoc is moved along. S.Boyd Gowing noted that a room is being considered for ProgSoc's use, but that it is smaller than the current room.

12. Discussion about the need for social activities and events. It was generally agreed that social interaction was still important for a Programming Society. Concerns were raised over using ProgSoc funds purely for social activities. It was pointed out that a properly organised social activity could at least pay for itself, if not raise a profit. The membership is encouraged to organise activities as it sees fit. Executive will take the issue on board for this year.

13. Discussion of activities in general. It was pointed out that running activities is not the sole domain of the executive. Members are encouraged to organise activities within the Society, requesting assistance from the executive as required.

14. The need for changes to the Constitution was discussed. A working group will be set up for this purpose. Contact to register for the working group. Proposed changes include an increase in the number of executive members.

15. The Society will run at least 3 OGMs this year.

16. The progsoc-announce mailing list will be used to announce the more regular exec/admin meetings. Members are encouraged to attend these meetings whether or not they are executive or admin people.

17. J Bathe asked if the membership was aware of Jenny Edward's concerns over the use of SOCS modems to connect to ProgSocNet. 1996 executive had not heard heard any concern from SOCS. It was pointed out that ProgSoc's relationship with SOCS was good enough to expect that any concerns would be raised with the executive of the day before drastic actions were taken. S. Boyd Gowing assured the membership that in his position as SOCS Systems Admin he had no concerns at this stage, and that ProgSoc would be consulted to fix any perceived problems.

18. It was noted that ProgSoc is the third-highest user of "outside RNO" Internet traffic in the University (after ITD and SOCS). It was also noted that a user pays system may be implentated by ITD in the near future, and ProgSoc should be aware of the possible charges.

19. Meeting closed 6:55pm.

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