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Minutes of Programmers' Society AGM, 19th March 1998

Chair: Roland Turner

  1. Meeting commenced at 4:39 pm
  2. Apologies: Michael Miller, Cam Dorrington
  3. Minutes of previous AGM were adopted, moved Anand Kumria, seconded Tim Johnson.
  4. President's report presented by Roland Turner on activities of the past year. Items of note included the Sparc Linux port developed by Anton Blanchard, as well as a commentary on the future direction of progsoc, with more of our members considering us an ISP.
  5. Roland Turner selected as the Returning Officer. Moved Andrew Wilson.
  6. 1997 executive resigned.
  7. The following nominations existed, with votes as recorded:
  • President:
  • Vice President:
  • Secretary:
  • Treasurer:
  • Computer Systems Officer:
    • Tim Johnson (8 votes, 9 votes)
    • Glenn Williamson (5 votes)
    • Shaun Clowes (7 votes, 11 votes, elected)

Meeting closed 4:56pm.

While a financial report was not given at the meeting, Cameron Dorrington (the retiring Treasurer) provided these details informally afterwards:

  • Large expenditure this year:
    • $2077 TFM printing
    • $1000 Router
    • $3890 DAT drive, 4G SCSI, 3x2GSCSI
  • About $1400 in the bank
  • The spending was financed from about $5000 in membership and TFM income and was supplemented by taking $2780 from the bank account.
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