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Minutes of Programmers' Society AGM, 23rd March 2000

Chair: Anton Blanchard

Meeting commenced in 4/124 (not 4/126 as advertised) at 18:15 GMT+10

Attending: Callina Greenslade, Jonathon Love, Herbert Wong, Shaun Clowes, Chad Nimmagadda, Daniel Cafe, Bryn Price, Michael Stalenberg, Chris Debenham, Wim Pranata, Howell Tam, Colin Yup, Alister Air, Jeff K, Matt K, Matthew Flanagan, Telford Tendys, Clare Duggin, Cam Dorrington, Peter Brownlow, David Hackman, Mark Langsworth, Matt Beauregard, George Wright, Anand Kumria, Jason Crane, Filip H, Rahul Bhargava, Michael Lamont, Christian Kent, Roland Turner, [*]

Apologies: Chris Mewett, Stephen Boyd Gowing

Minutes of previous AGM remain unpresented. They were the responsibility of Anton Blanchard.

Noted that Treasurer's Report has been presented on the web via Message of the Day in the last 24 hours.

President's Report:

  • A brief summary of the Solaris hack that occurred last year and brought some of our machines down
    • ProgSoc has some new machines from 1999:
  1. sutekh: Cyrix 333 built from an old 486 chassis from Engineering, Telford's project
  2. dispater: PowerPC 750 350MHz, Yosemite chassis, bought new from Bits'n'PCs, Christian's project
  3. One DEC Multia, currently fitted with a hard drive but no Linux installed yet -- nobody's project
  • Our social activities have included some of Matt Keenan's informal evenings as of second semester 1999; the Union dinner 1999 (officially 1998); and ProgSoc's successful official presence at Orientation Day 2000.
    • There was also a guest speaker in 1999, Craig Hubbard from Sun, but it came to only mixed usefulness because the audience was to some degree inappropriate.
    • Many ProgSoc members were also involved in the Debian booth at the recent Open Source / Linux Expo at Darling Harbour. This was initiated by Anand Kumria.

Other items discussed at the AGM, prior to voting:

  • Telford Tendys related his experience at official UTS Union functions, and a brief history of developments in 1999.
  • A quick poll for members' desires for any big purcahses was made. There were no great desires or consensus, apart from some suggestions:
    • More disk space, suggested by Matt Keenan
    • A wireless ethernet hub for members' use -- but no members have laptops with receivers
  • Christian Kent made a commitment to get ProgSoc's bank account registered to enable mail-order credit card facilities, thus allowing members to post their credit card numbers without witnessing signatures. Shaun Clowes suggested the use of an online merchant to further automate the process and make it paperless.
  • Christian Kent reviewed the effectiveness of free beer and free food for members at social events like Games Nights. It was pointed out by Telford Tendys that the single carton of beer for the first night lasted into the second night and still hadn't been picked up from Alister Air's former office. Christian pointed out the possible GST issues and Union funding issues could cause administrative burdens. Only two people indicated that they would object to a policy of no free beer. Christian did not remember their attendance at either Games Night.
  • Christian Kent asked for any interest to get a Windows NT licence for ProgSoc, to use Terminal Server. Alister Air pointed out that it was unsuitable because of the bandwidth requirements and members' ready access to Windows machines. Christian still proposes to go ahead with replacing Linux on the PowerPC with MacOS X during this year.
  • Anton gave a quick explanation why the bandwidth issues for ProgSoc, as highlighted in previous years, may never come to pass; the university will likely subsidise all faculties for the foreseeable future for fear of backlash. Roland Turner provided a diagram of ProgSoc's network access and scooby and medusa on the board. Shaun Clowes discussed the costs/benefits of cable modem and/or ISDN access for ProgSoc's exclusive use, and the server restrictions of Optus's and Telstra's AUPs.
  • A non-binding show of hands for support of was called. Before the vote, Clare Duggin advocated against the proposal and Anand Kumria and Shaun Clowes advocated for it. The vote was passed with approximately 90% support. Shaun Clowes was selected to take charge and would be subsequently repaid.

A number of other items of information were prepared for the benefit of members:

  • Proposed Activities for the Coming Year:
  1. Social meetings hosted by Matt Keenan every 10-11 days. Meet at 4/G25 on Mondays/Fridays 6pm
  2. A "Games Night" in a UTS computer lab -- perhaps the Union could help provide one
  3. Regular system upgrades of the Society machines
  4. The ProgSoc Room video camera be set up
  • Proposed Budget for the Coming year:
    • The UTS Union will formally be asked to share in the $2,704 expenditure of the 1999 purchase of dispater.
    • There will probably be a $100 - $150 purchase of MacOS X for dispater.
    • No further (non-petty) expenditures proposed for the foreseeable future.
    • The proposal is that we come out $1,350 - $150 = $1,100 in credit.
  • Background on the purchase of dispater: A few circumstances led to the rare occurrence of the purchase of a complete, new system by ProgSoc. Two of our machines were decommissioned due to Y2K non-compliance; our budget was growing beyond a necessary floating value (which became undesirable in the light of possible VSU funding cuts); and with the purchase of a Cyrix CPU and Alpha CPU machine, the 1999 Executive desired to further reduce the Society's homegenous nature (largely Sparc CPUs) that we had in 1998, by buying a PowerPC CPU. The system manufactured by Apple also included new peripheral buses that the Society did not possess. Christian Kent selected the lowest of 4 quotes, and attempted to secure an $85 discount for the MacOS software not used by ProgSoc, but only obtained a $25 discount from Bits'n'PCs after no success with the Higher Education departments of Apple Australia (the licence is still valid).
  • Statistics on Memberships sold in 1999: (based on paper receipts)
  • Statistics on TFMs, sold with 1999 memberships:
  • Statistics on ProgSoc Mugs, sold with 1999 memberships:

Roland Turner (deceased) selected as the Returning Officer. Moved by Christian Kent. 1999 executive resigned. The following nominations were effected by the Returning Officer's reality distortion field:

Meeting closed 19:11 GMT+10.

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