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Minutes of Programmers' Society AGM, 20th March 2001

  • Meeting commenced at 18:10
  • Minutes of previous AGM were adopted
  • Secretary's report. Items of note included: discussion of SGM - $10 fee for non-union members; executive; new administration roles recommendations to new executive.
  • President's report presented by Christian Kent on activities of the past year. Items of note included: new ftoomsh; new S2000; Tel's table acrobatics; new 35 Amp power supply; Andrew Thomas cleanup of computer room;. no more TFMs - discussion of getting Union to publish/subsidise costs in publishing a new TFM; IP6-> what next?; Telet/ftp axe due to insecure passwords; NIS? LDAP?; Colin Heah's user page/account to be left as a memorial.
  • Chris Mewett selected as the Returning Officer. Nominated by Christian, Seconded by Matt.
  • 2000 executive resigned.
  • The following nominations existed, with nominations as recorded:
  • Meeting closed
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