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Minutes of the Society AGM Tuesday 26 March 2002

Chair: Gabriela Marcionetti

Attending: Melody Ng, Gabriela Marcionetti, Shaun Clowes, Jason Gan, Colin Yip, Cameron Dorrington, Penny Wyatt, Glenn Williamson, John Elliot, Anand Kumria, Matthew Kearnen, Michael Miller, Christian Kent, Ryan Heise, Emma Lovell, Clinton Greer, Andrew Halliday, Alister Air, Murray Grant, Wim Pranata, Michael Lamont, Mendel Monteiro, Elden McDonald, Romney Lai, Jason Crane, Andrew Wilson

Apologies: Callina Greenslade

Issue Item Action Deadline
0 Meeting commenced at 18:10. n/an/a
1 Returning officer

Michael Lamont
2 Acceptance of Last AGM Minutes

n/a n/a
3 President's Report - Gabriela Marcionetti

  • Meeting with the union regarding the keycards from 2000, the union accepted our proposal for the use of the cards - this solves the problems of having to sign a cheque everytime ProgSoc needs to make a purchase. Means that if something dies we can get a replacement faster. Also, we avoid the high bank fees associated with the former cheque account.
  • 37 new members at Orientation Day. ProgSoc attracts more interest if the stall has no signs.
  • ProgSoc will be moving rooms this week, new room is 10.03.380A and is located inside 10.03.380, which is next to the new interface room.
  • Jubilex has been offered to SECSME, as we can't take it to the new room, as it required 3 phase power.
4 Treasurer's report - Mendel Monteiro

  • ProgSoc made 1 purchase during the year.
  • Influx of cash from O'Day 2001 - $1280 from new memberships
  • $65 was spent this year. Bank fees $15
  • ProgSoc's financial position better than end of 2000. End of 2001: $3125. End of 2000: $1500. End of 1999: $4000
5 Vice President's report - Christian Kent

  • University's Acceptable Use Policy have been in use. Consulted Gerald about whether ex-students can be members, he says OK. In relation to memberships of non-members: Union says NO in relation to abolishing the fee differences between Union and non-Union members (currently non-Union pay double), however, an ex-student is technically still a Union member. ProgSoc will have to keep an eye on resources which may be deemed as unethical, or more than incidental personal use.
  • Checked if ProgSoc resources to see if there are any problems we might encounter with complying with AUP. Anand reports SLUG runs mailing lists only, no mirroring done. A MOU was signed by Anand and Christian in 2000. Matt reports people can access his computer, but no access to shell. No problems with complying with AUP.
  • Thoughts on whether sudoers should be reset every year - general consensus that the decision be left to the executive.
6 CSO Report - Murray Grant

  • Cleaned out old users (who still had access) - this freed up a few GBs (which was quickly consumed by others.)
  • Admins did a good job this year.
  • Ftoomsh had problems: kernel crashed @ random (due to heavy loading), last time it crashed it was between X'mas and New Year and some miscellaneous data was lost on /var.
  • Switched to Debian, which was installed by Anand (after last password crash).
7 Constitutional Change

  • Constitutional change could not be brought due to inadequate notice.
  • Discussion: Do we want multiyear memberships/ do we want to change the constitution?
  • Most members present felt that ProgSoc needed to hold meetings to sort this out. (8 members thought change was not needed).
8 Constitutional changes - proposal

Discussion of changes to constitution to deal with multiple year memberships.
9 Election

Treasurer: Elden McDonald (elected unopposed)

CSO: Anand Kumria (elected unopposed)

Secretary: Callina Greenslade (elected unopposed)

Vice President: Gabriela Marcionetti (elected unopposed)

President: Christian Kent (elected, 15 votes)

Penny Wyatt (5 votes)
10 Other Business

Anand asked for a show of interest from people who want to help out the CSO.

Andrew Halliday is the new ProgSoc webmaster

"The Society" and "ProgSoc" refers to the UTS Programmers' Society

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