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Minutes of the Society AGM Tuesday 29 April 2003

Chair: Christian Kent

Attending: Gabriela Marcionetti, Nicholas FitzRoy-Dale, Michael Stalenberg, Andrew Halliday, Matthew Beauregard, Michael Lamont, Nigel Sheridan-Smith, Richard Vagg, Raaf Khan, Colin Yip, Catie Flick, Christian Kent, Elden McDonald, David Georgy, Peter Brownlow, Khanh Chi Bui, Telford Tendys, Selphie Trabia.

Apologies: Callina Greenslade

  • Meeting reconvened at 18:15 (Meeting of 24/03/03 was adjourned).
  • Returning officer: Michael Lamont
  • Acceptance of Last AGM Minutes Accepted.
  • President's Report - Christian Kent
    • The meeting of 24/03/03 was adjourned due to outages, making promotion of the AGM impractical (as well as interfering with membership renewals). [nothing has again been deferred].
    • Anand would hold position of CSO for one month after adjourning of AGM on 24/03/03, and resigned at midnight, 24/04/03
    • The Society has not taken possession of Jubilex, it was left behind in 4/G25 when the society moved to 10.03.380A, and was then given to SECSME in trust until ProgSoc could take possession of it. Telford was able to get it working with 1 CPU, however, we could not move it to the new room as it requires a 1-phase 30A power socket, which resembles a 3-phase power outlet. Power in building 10 could be adapted to use it, but not without severe insurance implications.
    • Machine update - a PowerPC appeared in the room after the move - and has been called yeenoghu. Dispater is now accepting user logins. Ftoomsh is on its last legs, and will hopefully be replaced by a new donation from Sun (via Mike Stalenberg) - Sun E3000 with 6 processors, which will be the best machine ever donated to ProgSoc. We recently got an new machine, Anubis, which running Solaris, due to its late-model Sun hardware. It is currently acting as the primary webserver. Geryon is still working, but sutekh's (Intel box) boot disk died today, but the rest of it is okay, and it should be up and running again soon.
    • CompSoc is up for sale, but no reason could be found for buying it. [Clarification: This was communicated to the ProgSoc Executive via a hijacked email account of the President of CompSoc]
  • Treasurer's report - Elden McDonald
    • Opening balance - $3125.00
    • Debits
      • Hardware - $540.00
      • Stationary - $45.90
      • Domain Renewal - $20
      • Events - $323.60
    • Credits
      • Memberships - $1250.00
      • Mugs - $15.00
    • Closing Balance - $3460.50
  • Events - Christian Kent
    • Union dinner in May, featuring an award being given to ftoomsh. The union protested against this, as they wanted the award to go to a real person. Thus the award was temporarily awarded to Michael Miller, and accepted by Nicholas FitzRoy-Dale and Elden McDonald, and a new name plate was affixed to the award). A short video of the award ceremony was then shown).
    • CompSoc trivia in August - ProgSoc attended with a successful team.
    • Video night featuring Young Ones, Goodies and Mystery Science Theatre was held in November.
  • Future of ProgSoc - Andrew Halliday: Campaign Speech (Introduced to the strains of the Mastermind Quiz Show)
    • Andi assisted at 'O'-day to help sign up 40 new members.
    • Andi has been promoting ProgSoc through his contacts in first year.
    • Andi feels that he has the time and energy to commit to ProgSoc, and any projects that ProgSoc embarks on.
  • Future of ProgSoc - Matthew Beauregard (Quintumvirate): Campaign Speech (Introduced to the strains of the Mastermind Quiz Show)
    • Matthew believes that ProgSoc needs strong leadership, and this can be provided by the quintumvirate, with its variety of new and old execs.
    • Matthew introduced the candidates - himself as President, Elden as Vice President, Gabriela as Secretary, Christian as Treasurer and Nicholas as CSO.
    • The quintumvirate aims to bring back regular meetings, fund projects and get members involved in the running of the club.
  • Election

CSO: Nicholas FitzRoy-Dale (elected unopposed)

Treasurer: Christian Kent (elected unopposed)

Secretary: Gabriela Marcionetti (23 votes, elected) Andrew Halliday (5 votes)

Vice President: Elden McDonald (22 votes, elected) Andrew Halliday (6 votes)

President: Matthew Beauregard (21 votes, elected) Andrew Halliday (6 votes)

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