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Minutes of the Society AGM Thursday 30 March 2006


Building 10, University of Technology, Sydney (City Campus), 235 – 253 Jones St, Ultimo.

In attendance:

29 attendees.

Key to abbreviations:


Rosanne Hodgekiss (


Meeting start: 6:15pm

Issue Item Action taken
1 Introduction

AGM opened by DE. Attendees are introduced to the society’s attending members, goals and a summary of 2005’s activities.
Motion noted by ProgSoc executive.
2 Nominations to the Progsoc Executive

Current nominations listed before the AGM. Standing nominations are:

The following recommendations were presented for nominations:

Nominations confirmed and in the case of uncontested positions, executive roles are filled by said nominations.
3 Speech by NdV on upcoming events in 2006

NdV stated the need for greater cooperation with CompSoc; more technical projects based on the wealth of skills available and the introduction of regular Progsoc podcasts.
Motion noted by ProgSoc executive.
4 RH speech on CSO vision for 2006

RH outlined action items for 2006, regarding Progsoc machines. RH answered questions regarding Trogdor's (server) resurrection. RH presented strategy to get current machines working prior to embarking on further server acquisitions and projects. RH suggested the implementation of laptop bays and wireless. RH stressed the implementation of old projects instead of introducing new projects and leaving old ones incomplete. RH suggested the reintroduction of the Bash competition run in cooperation with the Faculty of IT 1st yr subject, Principles of Distributed Computing. RH stated that he would make an excellent CSO due to his past experience as a PFY and ongoing networking experience. RH also mentioned his Linux experience.
Motion noted by ProgSoc executive.
5 MD speech on CSO nomination

MD stated that RH would make a far better CSO. MD stated that he does not mind Linux though. AH asked whether MD uses Linux. MD replied that he uses BSD, to much contention. E suggested that MD nominate himself for PFY.
MD nominated for PFY, RH elected as CSO uncontested
6 CK vs. MB for Alumni Representative

CK and MB state their claim towards Alumni Rep role. Vote is taken by E. CK elected by unanimous vote.
CK elected Alumni Representative for 2006
7 KS presents candidate PFY speech

KS is a newcomer to Progsoc, wanted to look at existing Progsoc documentation, to much hilarity. AH asks KS what system he is running at home. KS replies Red Hat. KS states his motivation to complete documentation for Progsoc.
Motion noted by ProgSoc executive.
8 MD presents candidate PFY speech

MD is a systems administrator at his current work, runs BSD, and has experience in documentation. Can work with complex systems if required.
Vote is taken between KS and MD for PFY position; due to the close nature of the election, the decision is forwarded to the Progsoc executive for a later date (unspecified).
9 AH presents case for new Mac machines using Apple’s grant

AH states grant from Mac in which Mac spending can be matched dollar for dollar for academic programming projects. To be available for AUC (Apple University Consortium) members for programming work. With $4800 ($2400 from Apple, $2400 from UTS Union), machine(s) can be purchased, which can then be used for the upcoming “Battle of the Geeks” programming contest. Macs must run OS X.

CK presents before the AGM the prices of various Mac machines. They are:

  • Quad G5: $4662
  • Mac Mini (Intel): $898 / $1169 (dual core)
  • iMac 17” (Intel): $1799
  • iMac 20” (Intel): $2383

CK suggests using Mac Minis as wireless hard disks, to much contention. MD notes that Mac Minis cannot use RAID. E suggests that G5's are a waste of money, as agreed by MD. E also states that Mac Minis are not expandable. AH suggests 17” iMac & 2x Core Duo Mac Minis.
For future discussion, based on further research.

Recess at 7:15pm. AGM resumes at 8:05pm.

Issue Item Action taken
10 Ongoing project report by DE

DE began reports segment by stating a number of ongoing projects that require finishing. These include:

  • Eidolon (Streaming TV) - AGM attendee asks as to whether this project has been functional. DE answers no. Nobody expresses any interest in partaking in this project. DE suggests converting the Eidolon box into a user machine.
  • Viking (wireless Internet) – DE states that this project has been planned for over a year now, with ambitions of providing Internet access for 30- 50km. DE states that items required will cost roughly $600. CK states that the money can be raised for this. DE notes that there is the present difficulty of having a PIN lock on the door. However, DE states that we may possibly get official support with this project. RH notes that brute force is not an option, as security will soon be alerted. Jedd asks why this project is worthwhile. DE notes that it will provide a fast connection and that there is also a large wireless community over Sydney, from which we will inevitably gain recognition. Given our central location, we can also provide excellent coverage, which can be integrated with an existing mesh network across Sydney. E asks how many people are involved in this flavour of wireless networking across Sydney. DE states that there are dozens. E states that having a group of people may provide legitimacy to this operation and may convince the University to support the project, however this may also work to the converse. E also stated that the uni/faculty may also act adversely towards this project and may threaten Progsoc's current privileges within the faculty. CK notes that Progsoc already has a directional antenna for this project. SG and MS confirm that they managed to enter the tower area of Building 10. DE states that the first priority should be sorting out the software configuration of this project.
  • In-room WiFi – Motion is made to arrange WiFi within the Progsoc room.
  • Apple grant – MS calculated the prices of a number of select Mac products. They are as follows:

    Mac Mini 1.5 (Core Solo) - $763
    Mac Mini 1.66 (Core Duo) - $993
    iMac 17” - $1529
    iMac 20” - $2025

Again, DE mentions the price-matching scheme with UTS Union ($2400 base). NdV states that these machines should not be used as servers, as not many people actually log in for programming tasks. Dedicating the Macs as user machines will ensure greater use. CK notes that we can purchase 6 Mac Minis. MS notes that this is a little crazy, but true. DE states his preference for duo-core machines. MB suggests replacing the Sun machines with Mac Minis and moving services such as LDAP to the new Macs. A number of the Macs may remain headless. MS questions who will be requiring these machines and for what use.

CL and MB state that it will be good to have decent user machines. NdV notes that Macs should not be used as servers. This is supported by MS. NdV stated that there are far more people using the Progsoc room now, so having user machines will support the demand. NdV states that LCD screens can be purchased for $300 - $400, whereas cheaper screens can be purchased for a premium of $100. CS suggests building shelves and moving servers and machines into them, along the wall shared by CompSoc and Progsoc. NdV notes upcoming programming projects and CK concludes that having a Mac lab in the Progsoc room is a good idea. MB states that Progsoc should purchase LCD screens. RH suggests a KPM to deal with the imminent abundance of monitors. RH and CL state that the Progsoc room should be kept clean as a priority. NdV concludes by stating that Progsoc will purchase 3 Mac Minis and 3 LCD screens. DE shows prices from

DE asks what other projects are currently in the works. RH asks whether wireless is working with Linux machines yet. NdV states that Linux machines must have an older version of SSL to work.

NdV introduces the notion of Progsoc podcasts. As well as original content, we may be able to include commentary on other podcasts. MB supports this notion. The suggestion is also made to videotape these sessions. MB questions as to when this project shall begin, as well as affiliated presentations. CK mentions an email that Myles sent around regarding topics for discussion. CK states that first-year topics should also be included to appeal to a wider audience.
CK requests that DE contact his connection regarding antennas. NdV will start an email thread regarding Progsoc podcasts with the intention of collecting ideas and topics.
11 RH suggests a Java programming competition

RH presents the idea of holding another competition for first-year students. This is met with wan enthusiasm.
Motion noted by ProgSoc executive.
12 Treasury Report

RH states the importance of cancelling the Progsoc Visa account to TG-W.
TG-W to cancel the Progsoc Visa account.

AGM adjourned at 9:20pm.

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