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Progsoc Meeting Minutes - 29th March, 2007

Meeting held in:
Room 10.2.230, Building 10
The University of Technology, Sydney
235 Jones St, Ultimo, Sydney.


 1. Brinton Chand
 2. James Kirsop
 3. Christian Kent
 4. Justin Steward
 5. Shayne Baptist
 6. Elizabeth Webb
 7. Thomas Given-Wilson
 8. Nora Farghaly
 9. Chris Laughton
10. Nathan de Vries
11. James Hosking
12. Brian Lim
13. Margaret Colville
14. Jedd Rashbrooke
15. Nicholas FitzRoy-Dale
16. Ros Hodgekiss
17. Fernando Pena
18. Rob Howard
19. Matthew Beauregard
20. Leefe Hicks
21. Ginevra Martin
22. Tom McGanon
23. Luke Randell
24. Alistair Thomson

All positions are declared vacant.

Brian: Wireless has collected around $170 over the month. Various problems have been encountered.

CK: Basic explanation of the wireless project; ProgSoc has taken over EzyGO's role in making sure that people can connect to ITD wireless. It is still being debated as to whether we want to keep on with it.

Rob: ProgSoc's machines have been continually falling over all year - most work devoted to patching the system. Accounts haven't been locked. Mojo vs Chiron - which do we want? We added the Macs to the fleet. Rani DoS'd the network for a while; since the guy doesn't appear to have the know-how, we need to step up security measures in response. Brian recently donated a bunch of hard disks. Various machines need doing over. Succubus is booting, but hasn't been worked on due to other priorities. The room has been tidied. Rani and Bob have been blocked by the ITD firewall; we need to ask to have them re-allowed.

Thomas: Spent cash on the Mac Minis. Dribbled income from accounts, and later, wireless. Expenditure was minimal - we didn't buy the Macs with our own money. Audits occurred, for 2005. We can find out our financial position relatively quickly, but not off hand.

Nathan & Chris: Chris has done printing and marketing... Wireless promotion. Thanks to Brian for sorting out Wireless. The room needs to be cleaned regularly.

Break for food...

Nominations (Successful candidate in italics, number of votes in brackets):


One abstain


Two abstain


One abstain



First Year Rep:

Alumni Rep:

Two abstain

AGM closed.

General meeting...

Brian: For the Wireless, what do we want to happen? Pro: Can recruit others. Gain ITD's support. If removed, may lose privileges (Internet, room access); FIT and ITD are not directly related, but may be influential regardless - we need to win trust with the newer generation of ITD people.

Con: Lack of manpower.

How are you going to get more recruits? Tech projects, is one suggestion. Certificates? Catering? They wanted us because they don't want to pay anything; 70/30 split in favour of the person, maybe... It probably won't be maintainable.

What's the volume? We only get around one person in ten. We don't have enough money coming in to give the people dinner... It's possible things will increase when Vista is released, though uncertain. Do they want printing? If so, that will be sent to us. Is that even in scope? It seems to have expanded from 'fixing connection to wireless' to 'whatever is over the network', which doesn't seem viable.

We could set up a stall in Building 2... We either need to put up more signs, change the location, or have two desks... Is the room going to be open or closed at the time? Nathan thinks it should be open any time there are people present. Thomas thinks it should stay in Building 10, on grounds that we want it to stay associated to the room. People can't find it, but that could be fixed by adding a map and as much information as is required to locate the room.

It has currently been considered on a trial basis. Should it be reviewed every six/twelve months? Available on Thursday nights; or extend it to six o'clock?

What incentives are wanted? Something to learn... A reference from ITD? (/certificate). We could write it for them, and then get ITD to sign it. Maybe a monthly dinner?

Stay in Building 10. Improve printed materials. Six monthly review. The ProgSoc moneys and Wireless cash should probably be kept separate.

A wireless mailing list; PSExec and any of the volunteers. It could be added to printed material - "I'm not available then, when can I meet you...?"

Meal vouchers, and a reference, is acceptable from the present volunteers.

Open/closed door. When should who be allowed in? A maximum number of people per number of keyholders. Nonmembers should be welcome, but it isn't a hangout for nonmembers. Keyholders NEED to be present if the room is open. The keyholder should have discretion as to who should be permitted to be inside. It should be the default to have the room open if there is a keyholder present, but there is a certain level of understanding. It is primarily a room for ProgSoc activities; members are welcome, but expected to leave if the keyholder does. If they wish to do ProgSoc work, they can probably ask the Exec for a key.

What benefits does an everyday member actually receive? The account. Room access, a lot of the time.

Should food be consumed in the room? It tends to be messy... Whatever rules are decided on, everyone needs to abide by them.

The cans of drink. Which are a nice quiet source of income. The food stall at IT Camp. We made $150 essentially effortlessly.

We need a new vacuum cleaner.

Chris: The ACS is offering a deal to CompSoc currently. Do we want to obtain a similar deal for ourselves? If so, what do we want to suggest? Talks from their speakers? Should we have a meeting, to find out what they're offering? People who have dealt with the ACS recently should forward the content to the new exec.

Project Viking update. Things are more or less as they were. We don't have access any more. Nathan has one of the Wireless Access Points - where are the others?

Open Source debate. We have potential debaters; it's on track to happen in the first half of the year. It would be a combined ProgSoc event with Alumni organisation. Most of the club are alumni anyway. The debate could well become an annual event. Catered, with a room.

Chiron vs Mojo. Which do we want? Mojo is fine, but why does Brinton even want Chiron? We feel a little guilty about swapping immediately after receiving Chiron. Asking Brinton, he wants Chiron for its rackmount. It is decided: Mojo will be kept, and renamed "Pigsy".

Now that Bob is dead, can it be removed from the room, please? And do we want to try and salvage it, keep it, or just throw it out? Salvage. Which machines are working at the moment, and which are actually able to be fixed without too much complexity? Trogdor needs someone to install Debian who knows how.


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