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Progsoc Meeting Minutes - 27th March, 2008

01. Margaret Colville
02. Nick Fitzroy-Dale
03. Rob Howard
04. Christian Kent
05. Michael Beus
06. David Liu Lau
07. Sean Spark
08. Michael Fulthorp
09. Jason Hinch
10. Chris Laughton
11. Simon Pearce
12. Nora Farghaly
13. Leena Ganguli
14. John Elliot
15. James Kirsop
16. Nathan deVries
17. Ros Hodgekiss
18. Liz Webb
19. Brian Lim
20. Priscilla Yuen

Meeting opens, chaired by Brian.

Apologies: Thomas Given Wilson, Justin Steward

Minutes of last AGM: Nora first, James seconds. Accepted

Brian - Vice-President's report:

  • Replaced servers
  • New network
  • No longer doing wireless - we've announced it to them, but they keep throwing more people about it (Brian to prod ITD about it again)

Liz - Treasurer's report:

  • We're doing okay
  • We've paid for everything, got a few grants
  • Drinks help to keep things afloat
  • Wireless brought in a fair amount, but not enough to justify the hours
  • The bank account has around $2000, a $500 increase

James (with Rob and Chris) - CSO's report:

  • New servers: Thomas donated two, Chris donated two, John Elliot one, Jedd two
  • Machines improving
  • "Better stuff": Everything should soon be easier to maintain
  • Migrated around 90 accounts
  • Old web content has been saved.
  • Mailing list archives are in
  • Email bounces are still a problem
  • Gmail has particular problems with ProgSoc mail
  • New archives are separate from the old ones; everything's in a different location, but it's still there.
  • Medusa died, incubus and succubus need to be rethought; get rid of them?

Adjourned for pizza. Returned.


Vice President:



  • Liz Webb (2nd'd) - By default


First Year Rep:

  • Michael Fulthorp (2nd'd, Accepted) (9)
  • Sean Spark (2nd'd, Accepted) (6)
  • 6 abstain

Alumni Rep:

General business

TFM: Wzdd wants to update it for the latest stuff. He is taking volunteers... Should it still be in TeX, or switch to a Wiki or something?

Debate topics: Two students, two alumni, two industry. What topic? Open source vs Microsoft? "Anything that will start an argument" Functional programming is useless: functional arguments vs *.

Meeting closed.

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