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Progsoc AGM Minutes - 26th March, 2009

Audio of the meeting (toda raba CK :): [1]

Beginning of meeting 7.30pm



Minutes from last meeting

  • Accepted

Treasurer Report

  • $2000
  • Drinks making good profit
  • Please make sensible name when paying membership

Presidents Report

  • I Heart UTS update

CSO Update

  • Donated Servers
  • Update on mailing lists
  • CSO Update

Speeches for the new executive

  • President Nominations

John Elliot

  • Increase activity
  • Involvement with ACS, More events talks members or people from the street
  • Collaborate with execute on network
  • One other thing I don’t know
  • Golden year for ProgSoc

Justin Steward

  • John is better president
  • Vote for Justin!
  • Absolute bare minimum
  • Vote Counting
    • Justin 2, (1 proxy vote)
    • John 18
    • Abstain 1

John Wins!

Secretary (Liz Webb) Wins!

Vice President (Margaret Colville) Wins!

  • CSO Nominations

Tom Bozic (23)

  • Learns to fix things
  • Lighten the load of other people
  • Vote for me!

Nicholas FitzRoy Dale (1)

  • Removing all the servers
  • Replacing with single box
  • Possibly a mac

Noah (2)

  • Accepted CSO to progsoc
  • Network admin stuff at work same thing
  • No time
  • Better voting for Tom
  • Thats it

  • Treasurer

James Kirsop (2)

  • Here on Fridays
  • 1 Day a week
  • Can add up 1+1

Chris Laughton (22)

  • Interested in helping out
  • Working, but can do it remotely
  • Come after work
  • Works in financial company

  • First Year Rep

Miranda wins!!

  • Alumni Rep

Thomas Given Wilson wins!! (Alumni Rep)

PFY James Kirsop, Noah, Chris Deagan

Cleaning Up the Room Lights fixed End of the pipe 15 amp power

Future of TFM

  • Last are gone!
  • We need to update them
  • Who wants to help?
  • Wzdd is keen to consult
  • Jimmyk: update Union section
  • Wzdd: TFM better as UTS specific stuff/not technical manual
  • Inside guide to student life
  • Jselliot: guide to ProgSoc
  • Guide to acronyms
  • Avoid course content
  • Basic math 101/computer science 101
  • Source control and collaborative technologies
  • Should we put it online?
  • Have online and paper version?!
  • Paper version is better for new members
  • Tinang: TFM lured her into ProgSoc, sales point
  • CK: selected articles online
  • Wzdd: technical stuff online, all in the book
  • Leefe: paper is good for people who aren’t technical enough to find the info online

People interested in updating TFM

  • Rob
  • James Kirsop
  • Elden
  • John
  • James
  • Rel
  • Priscila
  • Wzdd
  • Tom
  • Justin
  • Colin Yip
  • Thomas Wilson

Webcam Debate

John Elliot

  • Comments on webcam?
  • Much agreement that it is amusing
  • Jselliot: it is a good camera: be aware of the camera’s presence
  • Tinang: can we limit the zoom
  • Members only?
  • Cross the line

Planned Public Events

John Elliot (ACS Talks)

  • ACS as an example talk
  • Gaming Events with EGG? Progsoc
  • Programming Events

Code fest (Elden)

  • John - Talks with renowned famous interesting people, ProgSoc Course, ProgSoc Academy, LFS
  • Member talks
  • Rob – Short sessions (more preparation) lightening talk
  • Elden – Driven by a theme, spend 2 minutes talking about favourite cloud computing maps
  • John – (Bryn – Reverse engineering)
  • Tech talks
  • LFS (Linux from Scratch) – John and Tom. Drill, this is a good way to do it. Put together.
  • Leefe - Certificates vs badges.

James Kirsop talk

  • Active club
  • Say to 1st years, we do these things
  • You should join ProgSoc
  • ProgSoc projects (what do we do??)
  • Suggestions for ACS Talks
  • Interesting
  • James Boss
  • Reverse Engineering Talk
  • Lead developers of Wordpress
  • Leichhardt open source software

Ideas about NFS Server

  • NFS servers
  • Rob - NFS Server prepackaged, agreed by Chris
  • Sponsorship opportunities
    • Compnow
    • James Work

Admin team strikeforce

  • Wzdd
  • Rob
  • Justin
  • Thomas
  • Tom
  • Leefe
  • Justin

End of meeting 9.00pm

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