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Annual General Meeting - Thursday 25th March, 2010

Video of the meeting (molto grazie CK :):
Streaming: [1]
Non-streaming: [2] (MP4, 1280x720p60@1200kbps video, 150kbps stereo audio)

Online order with Domino's Pizza placed for later consumption...

Meeting commenced at 19:50


Robert Howard
James Ducker
Christian Kent
Priscilla Yuen
Ariel Michael
Christopher Deigan
Thomas Given-Wilson
Margaret Colville
Justin Steward
Tom Bozic
Tina Ng
Noah O'Donoghue
Bangdao Hu 
Livia Lam
Chris Laughton
Sheng Yeo
Matthew Beauregard


James Kirsop
Colin Yip
Liz Webb
John Elliot

Executive Reports

Vice President (on behalf of President)

  • Went to Belgian Beer Cafe, drunk through passport
  • Went to Bavarian Beer Cafe, drunk through schnapps
  • O-day
  • Movie Night
  • Christmas Party
  • Project Euler
  • Working on new TFM

Help! Pizza laptop failing! James Ducker to the rescue!


  • We have money!
  • Total balance: $1094
  • Drinks pay for themselves
  • People renewing themselves
  • We can pay for something, probably TFM
  • CK: We've been trying to keep at $1000
  • Missing money - went to Liz Webb's account. Total $550. We need to chase it up with her.


  • Didn't do too much last year
  • Real CSO is Anand Kumria
  • State of the computer system network:
  • Servers fall over every now and again
  • Several months since last fall over
  • Aglaope has malfunctioning fan
  • Good uptime
  • Power outage
  • Cooling system (fan on the fridge) is adequate
  • Operating system upgrades: Mac Minis running, 9.10, 8.04 (Dual boots), One MacOsX 10.5-> NFS disabled
  • Parallels Virtual Machines
  • Improving of NFS (File/LDAP), phatdisk all users home directory, fall over.
  • Purchase NAS Unit (Help unit), Production, Capital
  • Induct CSO in network as quick as possible
  • Backup Server -> Unknown (eidolon not switched on, supposed to be doing rsync backups)



Margaret Colville:

Exec since 1st Year 2006, Know how club runs, do lot of things behind the scenes, jennifer the union. Golden Year

Justin Steward:

Exec since 1st year 2006 but not as long as Margaret, more promises, no promises, what I can when I can.

Margaret wins with majority vote

Vice President

Candidates (first round votes):

Tom Bozic (6):

Will assist Margaret, take metaphorical "bullets" for her, act as "check and balance"

Meeting temporarily adjourned for pizza at 20:20, resumed at 20:43

Tina Ng (1):

Joined last year, Joined late 2008, paid membership begging last year. Pick up slack, help out.....

Justin Steward (6):

  • Whats your name?
  • Whats your name?
  • Keep club afloat

Second round:

Tom wins with majority vote


Tom Bozic:

No comment

Tina Ng:

  • Took role as "Admin assistant" in SDP, keeping track of everything, HD, 91%,
  • Very qualified for the job. Expect some idea on what I should be doing.

Tina wins with majority vote


Chris Deigan:

  • Know to add and subtract
  • No divide needed
  • An IT Student not a business student
  • Competent for treasurer

Tina Ng:

  • No comment

Mr. Marauder nominated, accepted, gave a speech:

  • In Progsoc since 1998, Golden year in 2003
  • How much Gold delivered in 2009

Declined the nomination

Chris wins with majority vote


James Ducker:

  • Broad skill set, since 2007, hitting up the SSH years before, active 2008
  • Stand by some guy
  • Work full time in .NET
  • Know software/hardware
  • Can acquire free stuff
  • Clean up a few things
  • Fiscally responsible
  • Mingle with RAID and NAS... etc etc
  • Cool guy
  • End of that Anti climax

Noah O'Donoghue:

  • Most time spent as windows sysadmin
  • Data Recovery skills
  • If I am voted in:
    • Fix upgrading all operating system levels
    • NAS Options ?
    • UPS Options ?
  • Like to be Progsoc admin

Tina Ng:

No comment

Noah wins with majority vote

1st Year Rep

Livia Lam:

1st Year, fresh blood.

Livia Lam by default.

Alumni Rep

Thomas Given Wilson:

Advantage Card Holder and Octopus.

Thomas Given-Wilson by default.

Union Advantage Program Compliance Stuff

Need at least three members of the Exec to be AP members.

Chris, Margaret, Thomas are AP members. Sorted!

General Business

TFM 2010

  • Work on TFM 2010 is well underway, having commenced in November 2009.
  • Editing LaTeX files as per previous edition.
  • Using Subversion for revision control. Currently up to revision 70.
  • Check out current revision by following the instructions on the TFM page on the ProgSoc wiki.
  • Brief overview of updates - check them out for yourself from the repository.
    • Reorganisation of chapters into more logical sections (The Basics, Tools and Applications, Programming). TFM 2003 is a bit of a mess in that regard.
    • Consolidation of several chapters into a few (Rules, Regulations, and Registrations and What is this thing called ProgSoc? now 'Apropos ProgSoc', Quitters Never Prosper and Control Key Shortcuts incorporated into The Down and Dirty Do It Yourself Guide to UNIX)
    • Foraging at UTS now Surviving at UTS and updated significantly.
    • Purged several chapters, notably those relating to X Windows (GUIs are now more or less taken for granted these days) and MUD
    • Greater emphasis on programming and computer science. Inclusion of 'Prospering with Haskell' chapter, which was written for TFM 2003 but was cut, and Thomas' exciting new chapter on Computer Science concepts.
    • Chris Deigan updated chapter on IRC.
    • Thanks to Leefe for his whimsical rendition of a Prog Sock. It had to be included in TFM.
  • Jose Vergara planned to write a chapter on bondi, Rob Howard a chapter on PHP and Nathan de Vries a chapter on source control. Feel free to write a chapter yourself.
  • Intended on printing in time for O-Day this year. Didn't happen for various reasons. Aiming for sometime mid-year now - no point rushing things for the sake of an arbitrary deadline - but TFM 2010 *will* be published in 2010! Fixed deadlines and targets for chapter inclusion and print times suggested.
  • Seeking a production grant from the Union to partially cover costs of printing TFM. Ex-President Elliot was unavailable to sign the grant sheet, but President Colville should have no trouble signing it and we should be able to submit it ASAP.
  • Thinking of publishing at least 50 copies, up to 100. After shopping around various printing places, it was determined that UTS Printing Services was the cheapest (around $700 ex. GST for 100 copies). Some other places cost up to $1200 for the same. TFM 2003 was printed at UTS, so let's stick with the winning team.
  • How much should we charge for copies? Thinking $5 for AP members, $10 non-AP.
  • Passed sample chapters around the table.


James Ducker

Room Access

Need to arrange for outgoing executive and long term key hoarders to return keys to the Dean's Unit.

Incoming executive to collect fresh keys from the Dean's Unit.

Should no longer pass keys directly as keys are (now?) signed out to individuals.

Cleanliness of room

The room is not clean, we should do something.

  • Marauder: New executive should go through tonight and clean while they are fresh.
  • Room bitch mentioned but noone forthcoming of victimised/appointed.


Some strategies for attracting new blood:

  • Livia Lam: Willing to turn up to first year lectures and tell them to join.
  • Reasons why students should join?
    • Mailing list
    • Social activities
    • GrogSoc
    • We know the answers to assignments
    • We set the assignments
    • We mark the assignments
    • We can fail students
  • Many clubs spam their members with events/activities notifications
  • Have regular events noted in What's On
  • Thursday meetings advertised more
  • Thursdays are general event days and a good day to stick with
  • Advertise on Start IT
  • Poster out the front of the room (and put other things on the bulletin board
  • Facebook
    • Make more use of facebook group
    • Use facebook to organise events (we can do better, but many people can join and then be reminded by facebook)
    • We could program a widget to dump the progsoc list(s) to facebook
    • We could create facebook scam/app
      • Serverfarm(ville)
      • Other fun apps for profit and ...

On the Wiki

It's there, whoever added this to the AGM agenda didn't comment.


What we could do this year?

  • Robocode
  • UTSpeaks
  • Should have more talks, some suggestions
    • Topic: Python web frameworks -> Presentation
    • Topic: Web 2.0
    • Style: Lightening talks
    • Speaker: ACS (generally not considered relevant any more)
    • Speaker: EFA
    • Speaker: IEEE
    • Schedule: Run one talk per month, make it regular. Start with members and when some momentum/noteriety is gained then invite outside speakers etc.
    • Schedule: Thursdays are good


  • Organisation post documents online anonymously
  • Donate
  • Progsoc host server
  • Probably too risky

Clarify Executive Roles

Representative roles are not clear or defined. General discussion of what they are and whether they should be amended/detailed in the constitution. No resolution, noted that to alter the constitution requires proper warning and so no point in discussing now.

More from the floor ?

User registration system

We need to sort out the various systems and make it easy for members to join and/or pay. Some thoughts:

  • Payment: Out of the box solution
  • Payment: PayPal
  • Administration: LDAP
  • Project: Redo python script and make it work

VPS Hosting

Sheng's company is doing this, he could give a presentation on the topic and/or bring expertise.

Meeting adjourned at 22:00

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