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Annual General Meeting - Thursday 31st March, 2011

Video of the meeting:
Streaming: [1]
(it goes up to 1080p -- only the best from CK ;)

Noah joins the meeting via Skype...

Christian Kent setting up camera...

Meeting commenced at 7:02PM

Attending (22 -- quorum met)

Margaret Colville
Tomislav Bozic
Tina Ng
Christopher Deigan
Livia Lam
Rob Howard
James Ducker
Kristina Coffey
Kerry-Ann Chapman
Noah O'Donoghue (through video conference)
Patrick Morgan
Christian Kent
Andrew Corke
Jackie Lam
Nathan de Vries
Aleksa Bozic
Ariel Michael
Leefe Hicks
Chris Laughton
James Kirsop
Daniel Comarmond
Priscilla Yuen


Justin Steward (casted proxy through Margaret)
Thomas Given-Wilson (casted proxy vote)
Mitch Davies
Peter Revelant
Matthew Beauregard 

Minutes of AGM 2010 accepted as true account of AGM.

Executive Reports


  • Bunch of talks, first one for first year uni, successful, good turn out, largely advertised
  • Another talk from various members, a guy from ThoughtWorks flew from Melbourne
  • Belgian Beer Cafe, other beer cafes
  • Try to do monthly talks, but people got busy


(see [2] for slides)

  • About $500 more than last year
  • 59% membership, 41% drinks, $1 from interest
  • Fridge is amazing
  • Revenue figure from money actually audited
  • $250 from winning trivia, second place (didn't cheat! promised)
  • Trends? If membership shrinks, drinks have more figures
  • Haven't compared with last (non-alcoholic) drinks revenue from last year
  • Expenses: 41% drinks, 27% Tech talk catering, 22% AGM pizza, 6% room maintenance, 3% promo poster, 2% clubs day lollies
  • Throw out machines didn't cost anything
  • Didn't spend money on computers, nothing broke
  • In the future there'll be enough money on repairs
  • Noah suggests putting money on backup
  • Margaret suggests chucking out unnecessary hardware
  • Margaret requests one switch and two routers back from Daniel Comarmond
  • Any donations? Cisco hardware? Non-monetary hardware donations, Noah donated some servers, have not factored in their values


  • Server upgrade, from really old ubuntu
  • Donated some dell servers, and some that do not recommend plugging in
  • Upgraded Macs & Ubuntu, not finished, left most one has a problem during update
  • Niflhelm issues, hope new CSO can resolve that, Noah can tell the next CSO what to do
  • Things been generally reliable

Expulsion rescindment vote

  • Few months ago Tom heard that Stuart Espey was expelled 13 years ago
  • Purpose of this vote is to see if he's allowed back
  • CK: Happened before he joined, but reason was misusing ProgSoc resources. Something along putting video contents
  • Ariel: He got kicked for good reason
  • Anton, Caz, Roland, Stuart may know about this, and Anand
  • He hasn't reapplied, likely won't join even if forgiven
  • This isn't new
  • Why this particular person? He was brought to Tom's attention
  • Pat: suggest to only vote on this when the person wishes to return to ProgSoc

Result: Rejected

Meeting temporarily adjourned at 7:25PM for pizza, resumed at 7:50pm

Constitution Amendments

Total 22 voters, minimum 15 votes to pass

Proposed Amendment 1 (Correction of minor errors)

Outcome: Passed

Proposed Amendment 2 (Interpretation of the Constitution)

Outcome: Passed

Proposed Amendment 3 (Objects)

Outcome: Passed

Proposed Amendment 4 (Membership registration)

Outcome: Passed

Proposed Amendment 5 (Terms of expulsion from the Society)

  • Roland believes these lines should remain for the person's dignity
  • Public record: resign or expelled? Self determination involved

Outcome: Rejected

Proposed Amendment 6 (Executive Committee Vacancies)

  • OGM doesn't really exist or have been called much in the past
  • Includes first year rep when SGM / OGM is called
  • The current constitution doesn't work because vacancies should be filled in OGM, but OGM has not been held due to point 1
  • Roland: never ever vote without confidence
  • Constrains for voting vacancy fills? No real constraints, but what if bribing is involved?
  • Votes of no confidence almost never come up because no one wants to do it, it might not be followed or used
  • Option A: people can come up with exceptions, option A might not cover all scenarios
  • Constitution shouldn't list the procedures, but procedures are based on constitution
  • Was any attempt made to force a vacancy? Not really in the past
  • Something's still going to come up that isn't covered by the constitution
  • Why is the process of initiating SGM not considered as the safe guard of vacancy fills?

Outcome: Option B Passed, 3 against

Proposed Amendment 7 (Secretary's Duties)

  • Someone else doing secretary's job doesn't mean it's not secretary's job
  • Lots of documents are digitised or also with paper based

Outcome: Rejected

Proposed Amendment 8 (CSO's Duties)

  • Do we really need to change the constitution for this?

Outcome: 12 for, 6 against, 4 abstain. Rejected

Proposed Amendment 9 (Organs of mass communication)

  • Which union notice boards?

Outcome: Rejected

Noah disconnected due to laptop battery low, reconnecting...

Proposed Amendment 10 (Representatives' Duties)

  • Are they "the" intermediary? "An" intermediary
  • Does the rep really need to be what the rep says to be (first year or alumni)?
  • Reps are not considered as governing roles by the union (so as CSO)
  • Where else would their roles be defined if not in constitution?

Outcome: Rejected

Proposed Amendment 11 (Remuneration and benefits)

  • Wording of this amendment sounds like all members cannot earn income from any source, not just from ProgSoc funds
  • Doesn't out-of-pocket expenses also include time spent by members? What exactly is out of pocket expenses?
  • The club has to agree to accept the charged services but someone on exec could accept a scam
  • Treasurer's duty to restrict ProgSoc funds being paid to members, unless the treasurer is unethical
  • The point of this amendment is to force executives to be volunteers, but not forcing members to be volunteers

Outcome: 14 for, 6 against, Rejected


Introduced with the theme of the Mastermind quiz show (borrowed from 2003 AGM).


Tom Bozic:

  • "I care", for the club, for its people, for its future
  • Been the member with most turn up
  • Love this club and people, just really care for the club
  • Just need to say the two words "GOLDEN YEAR"

Justin Steward:

  • Been an exec as long as Margaret
  • Held SGM to replace reps (2006)
  • CSO once
  • Been around a lot
  • Will be GOLDEN YEAR
  • Still studying, so he will be around regularly

Justin: 4 Tom: 14 Abstair: 2

Tom Bozic wins with majority vote.

Vice President

Tina Ng:

  • Member since 2008, secretary for 2010
  • Be able to support the president, take bullets
  • Follow president's trail should the president becomes unavailable

Kristina Coffey:

  • New member
  • was with BIG since started UTS, secretary in BIG
  • not so keen on being secretary
  • stepping up because would be able to support Tom
  • Attend all meetings
  • Whenever the club needs it she'll be there

Tina: wins (19)


Tom Bozic: Declined

Kristina Coffey: Declined

Priscilla Yuen: Nominated by Margaret, seconded by Tina, accepted

Priscilla wins by default


Livia Lam:

  • Been wanting to do it
  • Seen how ProgSoc works
  • Studying combine IT & Business
  • Done accounting
  • third year working accounting firm
  • Helped with audits in ProgSoc
  • Why you like ProgSoc? Found like minded people, into computers, couldn't find anyone like minded before, got into it quickly afterwards

Kristina Coffey:

  • have exp
  • have time
  • Spent internship in firms, accounting, business models
  • know what the club requires
  • Why you like ProgSoc? sucked at progfun, want to do programming for the love of it, ProgSoc is point of help and industry pointers, not doing prog for IT faculty

Livia: 7 Kristina: 11 Abstain: 3

Kristina wins by 11 votes


Chris Deigan:

  • Deliver a golden year of computing with 1s and 0s
  • Putting best practice of his job
  • Works in similar roles, making sure backups, keep reliability, account management, with actual SSL, pro encryption, maintain system, security updates
  • Even if not CSO, don't mind PFY
  • lose out amount of free time
  • works with linux at work, implementing configuration systems, role can be done a lot more remotely and still a student
  • work in town hall & in UTS
  • CSO should be final decision maker for the systems

James Ducker:

  • This year and the last was the PFY CSO
  • Make an actual commitment to be here on Thursdays between 5 - 7
  • Actually audit the hardware and stuff in the room, some are not working properly
  • Linux from scratch project, reviving it, try to get people involved
  • Put setting on the desktop machines
  • Improve memory use and space that's more healthy for current students, bring student projects out of the lab and into the room to work on
  • Can probably fix account log in
  • language agnostic
  • have time for progsoc outside of 9 - 5
  • plenty of linux exp, just not involved at work
  • work in wynyard, got line of sight from work, work network routes through Adelaide
  • most familiar with windows 2000, windows server platforms, runs a linux server
  • figure out a way to block all access from ads
  • learn the network from noah, observation & anand
  • doesn't want to change things without telling anyone

Noah's suggestion: set up page for port 443 J Kirsop: Need someone to do Anand's job

Chris: 17 James: 2 Abstain: 1

Chris wins with 17 votes

First Year Rep

Kerry-Ann Chapman:

  • first year rep IS IMPORTANT

Kerry-Ann wins by default

Alumni Rep

Margaret Colville:

  • Out-going president
  • Exec since first year, as secretary for two years
  • Then vice pres, then pres
  • Graduated last year september
  • Comes almost every week
  • Love ProgSoc deeply
  • does a lot of things behind the scene

James Kirsop:

  • Same time as Margaret
  • Went through a lot of first year camps
  • knowing current and alumni students
  • Know a lot of Pat Morgan's grads
  • keeping contact with them regularly
  • Haven't been around a whole bunch due to location
  • Been catching up with current students etc
  • Love to get some IT people into d-com

Daniel Comarmond:

  • Seen a lot of organisations
  • CISCO 6 years ago, a lot of UTS IT students back then, haven't seen them anymore
  • Get not only IT students, but ProgSoc into the industry, putting us above and beyond other unis
  • Get grad programs in front of ProgSoc
  • Get in touch with what ProgSoc members want to go later
  • Would like to see Data3 with more security focus, but could do with grad program
  • Does his role by actually going outside, not being stuck in campus
  • Grow membership by bringing opportunities with other companies

Margaret: 5 James Kirsop: 3 Daniel: 9 Abstain: 0

Daniel wins by majority vote.

Union Advantage Program Executive Compliance Check (UAPECC)

Chris Deigan is current member, Tom Bozic, Kristina Coffey will purchase memberships.


To be added

The following new members of the Executive need to be added as signatories to the ProgSoc bank account:

  • Tomislav Bozic (2011 President)
  • Tina Ng (2011 Vice President)
  • Kristina Coffey (2011 Treasurer)
  • Priscilla Yuen (2011 Secretary)

To be removed

The following persons are no longer members of the Executive, and must therefore be removed as signatories to the ProgSoc bank account:

  • Thomas Given-Wilson
  • Margaret Colville
  • Elizabeth Webb
  • Chris Laughton

General business

Status of TFM

  • TFM title was originally TFM 2010, but not published
  • Let's not add year in title
  • 96% complete, still a few chapters, James D, Thomas GW working on chapters, Nathan proposed a chapter, Pat will write a chapter
  • check out TFM SVN
  • If anyone wants to write feel free to add
  • Hard copy is better than wiki
  • Pledge for printing of TFM: Pat, CK(if there's gonna be a number of contributions from different people)
  • Leather bound TFM?
  • Isn't it better to use union grants? Short order?
  • Keep ordering as they start to run out, agile TFM development, keep adding as new ones are ordered?
  • $15 non-member, $10 member
  • Should just set up a table every week selling TFM
  • How to market TFM?

New Mug

  • New mug after TFM

Key holders

  • Livia, Margaret, James Ducker
  • Other keys need to be returned if not deserved one this year

ProgSoc BBQ

  • NO BBQ
  • when we have a golden year

First year programming talk

  • Still keen to do

New ProgSoc room

  • Petition for secure new room
  • Take white board along


  • Introduce new executive members to ThoughtWorks to continue organising events, particular lego event etc
  • Contact Nathan for more involvement

Meeting adjourned at 10:14PM, other general business will be discussed in future meetings

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