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Annual General Meeting

Date: Thursday 28th March, 2013

Time: 6:50 pm – 9:10 pm

Attendees: Tom Bozic, Livia Lam, Jenny Nguyen, Chris Deigan, Kerry-Ann Chapman, Justin Steward, Margaret Colville, Brian Lim, Lucas Huh, Sean Williams, Leonid Soukhakine, Leefe Hicks, Moe Fang, Brian Lim, Jacob Dunk, Tom D'Netto, Ben Brown, Mohammad, Lachlan, Brenton, Stephan, Peter Revelant (via Skype) (21 attendees -- quorum met)

Apologies: Kristina Coffey, Rhys Christian, Daniel Comarmond, Thomas Given-Wilson.

Proxies: Christian Kent (Tom Bozic), Peter Revelant (Sean Williams) (not required since present at meeeting).

Chair: Tom Bozic 2011-2012 ProgSoc President (Opened and Closed officially by Tom Bozic).

Agenda Description
Apologies Kristina Coffey, Rhys Christian, Daniel Comarmond, Thomas Given-Wilson.
Minutes of AGM 2012 Motion to approve. Approved.
Executive Reports  
1. President Tom Bozic – It has been a good year, moments of excellence. The Programming Competition was ProgSoc at its best with an amazing 25 contestants having fun. Highlight number 2, our TFM 2013 was printed after 10 years in the making. Overall attendance in ProgSoc has been quite low, we need to rectify this. Overall, it has been a good year, progress has been made.
2. Treasurer Livia Lam – Revenue was lower than the previous year as the majority of last year’s revenue was from Trivia Winnings. Expenses were lower than previous year. Gained sponsorship. Bank interest went up, membership fees went up and room soft drink sales went down. Bank interest 1%, room soft drink sales 18% and membership fees 81%. Expenses – food for ProgSoc events went down, printing costs went up, room soft drink purchases went down. Strategies for 2013 production grant, UTS Union grant, gain further sponsorshop for ProgSoc events (2013 Programming Competition, Thoughtworks activity, future events, etc.)
3. CSO Peter Revelant – Uptime was improved, known issues (Peisinoe), back-ups need to be made, replacement for the file server – crypt, preparations have been made on a machine donated by John Elliot for RAID drivers, OS upgrades need to be updated to version 10.04, there is a new capability for remote access networking pod and security dojo on graveyard desktop machines, accounting expenditure was $33 – 19 inch LCD monitor.
Constitutional Amendment Proposed Amendment 1 (Creation of Competitions Officer role – proposed by Peter Revelant)

Version 1 and Version 2 of Section 5.5.6 Amendment

Please refer to Peter’s email on ProgSoc account for justification as to why Competitions Officer role should be created. Margaret questioned why a keyholder could not complete the role rather than an executive role.

Peter raised that on the ProgSoc Exec mailing list it is easier to contact other Executive members of the society. Livia and Jenny support Peter’s proposed role.

Justin agrees with Margaret’s keyholder non-executive statement. Justin suggests that a keyholder could be added to the ProgSoc Exec mailing list.

Tom states that competitions are imperative to ProgSoc and the role needs to be created.

Mo suggests that two or three execs manage the competitions workload.

I (Kerry-Ann) agree with the role creation as other successful UTS societies utilize this position.

2/3 needs to agree to the Constitutional Amendment (14/21).

Do we wish to make this Amendment? Voting for: 14/21 Voting against: 5/21 Abstentions: 2/21

Version 1 Vote: 9/21 Version 2 Vote: 3/21 Abstentions: 9/21

Recount Version 1 Vote: 14/21 Version 2 Vote: 3/21 Abstentions: 4/21

Motion passed to amend the Constitution as discussed to Version 1.

Appointing of new executive (elections) Nomination of Sean Williams to be Returning Officer (nomination: Peter Revelant, seconded: Tom Bozic)
President Any other nominations? None. Livia Lam – funding opportunities to have as many events as possible to re-activate the club. Thoughtworks event is lined up and corporate sponsor. Livia Lam elected unopposed.
Vice-President Any other nominations? None.

Jenny Nguyen – programming competition, corporate sponsors.

Jenny elected unopposed.

Pizza break at 7:50pm - 8:20pm. Meeting temporarily adjourned then resumed.
Secretary Any other nominations? Tom nominated, Mohamed seconded and Jacob Dunk accepted.

Jacob Dunk – entry level into the society and develop an understanding of how the society works.

Tom Bozic – nomination declined.

Jacob elected unopposed.

Treasurer Any other nominations? None.

Kerry-Ann Chapman – no speech.

Livia Lam – nomination declined.

Kerry-Ann elected unopposed.

CSO Any other nominations – Ben Brown nominated Tom D’Netto, seconded by Jacob Dunn and accepted by Tom D’Netto.

Leefe Hicks – nomination declined.

Tom D’Netto – admins have assured me they will assist me in this role. Backups are imperative, this would be a priority.

Tom elected unopposed.

Alumni Rep Any other nominations – Margaret nominated Leefe Hicks, seconded by Justin and accepted by Leefe.

Livia nominated Margaret, seconded by Chris and declined by Margaret.

Justin Steward nominated by Margaret, seconded by Leefe and accepted by Justin.

Margaret – nomination declined.

Leefe – Enjoys involvement in the club, resides in the area and brings industry experience. Votes for: 9/21.

Justin – Wants an election and to be involved. Votes for: 8/21

Leefe elected.

1st Year Rep Any other nominations – Tom D’Netto nominated Ben Brown, seconded by Jacob Dunn and accepted by Ben Brown

Ben Brown – I would like to increase the interest in the club.

Ben elected unopposed.

Competitions Officer Any other nominations? None.

Tom Bozic – ANZAC League last Saturday, ProgSoc came 38/76. Run UTS Competitions.

Tom elected unopposed.

Other Keyholders Email ProgSoc Exec or Livia Lam for keyholder positions.
Bank Account Signatories (required by bank) Dealings with Union to change bank details (TBA). Change from St George Bank to Commonwealth Bank.
People to be added Jenny Nguyen, Jacob Dunk
People to be removed Kristina Coffey, Tom Bozic
General Business  
Startups/VCs – Fishburners No discussion, due to early departure from meeting by Fishburners representative, Brian Lim.
New Room – status update Livia and Tom have been meeting with the Union to organise the new room. Status update (28/03/2013) – uncertain as the crane collapsing has resulted in delays. There is an issue with space as there is a high demand from teaching/faculty. There is a possibility that ProgSoc could remain in the current room. There will be ramps built to adjoin the new building with building 10. A ramp will connect to the new building, near the current ProgSoc Room. We do need space and need to continue to show interest in the development of UTS FEIT and programming as a whole.
TFM (present and future) A work in progress for 10 years, editing began in 2009 and was finally published in 2013. This has been released on ProgSoc’s Wiki; it is an editable version that is easily accessible. The Wiki is an accepted form of publishing, e-book editions could be released for Kindle and tablets or a PDF.
Other ProgSoc Merchandise (including new mug) There are a few mugs available. Livia has suggested purchasing keyrings from Big W for programming competitions. UTS Union is the suggested method of sponsorship through the Merchandise Grant. Win a keyring competition.
Programming Competitions Sean and Peter have suggested running/being involved in ‘Capture the Flag competitions.’ A team, point based competition. Information regarding this will be sent to Tom Bozic from Peter Revelant. Cryptography challenge – writing and breaking cyphers.
UTS Programming Competition (April 20) We are looking for organisers, problem writers, competitors, assistants, problem markers etc.
ANZAC League (March – August) Let Tom Bozic know if anyone wishes to assist with this 6 round external competition. This is a practice round for the ACM ICPC.
ACM ICPC Qualifiers (September) ProgSoc entered this last year; we placed approximately 72/80.
Code Jam (April – August) No discussion.
Thoughtworks Lego competition that Livia is following up. Consensus of ProgSoc is that it was a fun great day about agile.
Reserve Bank The company approached Daniel (2012 Alumni Rep). Further liaison is required with Daniel to organise this.
Insert your talk here First year final exam talks. First Year Representative to follow up.
Other Activities  
ProgSoc 25th Anniversary celebrations next year We want to encourage previous members to attend out Anniversary. Drinking is a suggestion. Check when people are available to attend a big event. Email ProgSoc mailing list with ideas.
X-mas Party Executive can organise this and discuss at a later date.
BBQ No interest. Email ProgSoc mailing list with ideas.
Other items of discussion without notice No discussion.
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