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Annual General Meeting - Thursday 27th March, 2014


Robin Wohlers-Reichel, Carlin Rookes, Xu Waycell, Jasmine Ngan, Leefe Hicks, Tom D'Netto, Jacob Dunk, Tom Bozic, Cody Love, Sarah Lawrence, Livia Lam, Clifford Leslie, Moe Rumman, Jenny Nguyen, Tyrone Dougherty, Andrew Jackson, Darren Bui, Stephan Calario, Giani Deluca, Wai Szeto


Christopher Nguyen
Brenton Smith


Livia Lam

START: 7:30pm


Christian Kent (whophd)

Reading of Minutes of AGM 2013

Last years minutes are good

Executive Reports



More money from memberships, Made loss on drinks

Awaiting money on AMEX, club account is roughly at same balance



Firewall machine fail, network down for days until Chris Deigan fixed

Death server is being repaired. Raid card broken

Robin Wholers working on two servers, ‘apple’ & ‘banana’

Room has been cleaned

Backups exist, but are currently non working

9 new raspberry pis

for future:

Fix up crypt, it’s unreliable

Build a new network, either run concurrently or cut straight

New wi fi router

Late interest in robotics projects

Competitions Officer


First year of CO,

Ran a whole lot of competitions, at least 9

2x UTS ProgComp

2014 was much more successful than 2013, all enjoyed

Anzac League collab with many other universities

6 rounds. Large ordeal, had alot of help. Livia & Jenny

Came 7th & 28th in ACM

Goal to go to world finals

code2day, bozic less involved in. Thought it was ‘awesome’ and ‘inspiring’

We won’t being having both code2day and progcomp in the same month

We pulled together and functioned as a society

This year hope to do more of the same


Pizza in 30 minutes

Why does ps exist

To encourage programming in UTS

Via ProgComp, South Pacific regionals, codeathon, code2day

To remain affiliated with the union

To join up with organisations who have similar objectives

Code2day, ThoughtWorks

Develop non-commercial software

BuilDinger, Jukebox

To provide forum for people interested in Computors


Did take advantege of uts facilities

Applied for more grants

Gained more sponsership through thoughtworks, wisetech, AMEX

Executive Candidate Nominations and Elections

Moe Rumman appointed as returning officer.


Jacob Dunk (nominated by Tom D'Netto, seconded by Xu Waycell)
Carlin Rookes (nominated by Tom D'Netto, seconded by Jacob Dunk)
Jenny Nguyen (nominated by Livia Lam, seconded by Leefe Hicks, declined)

Carlin Rookes

He will do the best he can, and hopes to raise progsoc to another level. Like to get involved in running a few more events next year. Thank current exec. Wants to host a good 25th Birthday. Wins by default.

Jenny Declines nomination

Vice President:

Mohamed Rumman (nominated by Tom D'Netto, seconded by Jacob Dunk, accepted, declined)
Jacob Dunk (nominated by Jenny Nguyen, seconded by Livia Lam, accepted 27th March)
Jenny Nguyen (nominated by Leefe Hicks, seconded by Livia Lam, accepted 27th March)


Jenny would like to support president. Been VP last year, knows what to do to help other execs. Hopes to get more events running and get more members for thursday meetings


Became secretary to learn more. Wants to continue to learn more and help more with the society.

Jacob Wins


Clifford Leslie (nominated by Tom D'Netto, seconded by Jacob Dunk)
Sarah Lawrence (nominated by Tom D'Netto, seconded by Jenny Nguyen, accepted 25th March)
Jenny Nguyen (nominated by Leefe Hicks, snd by liv, decline)
Jasmine Ngan (nomed by Livia, snd by Jenny, accepted)

Clifford Leslie

Trying to be as active as possible

Doing events like progcomp,

Promises to do at least what a secretary will do, and try best to do more


Do best to support P & VP, & maintaining relationships between PS And union

Keen to see more members join

Assisting current members


Support president and VP

had exp helping as seccy in organisation outside uts

maintain responsibilities as well as active recruitments

help grow society

help get more science people

Tried to help out with events

Would like to see PS enter more people in contests

Sarah wins


Tom D'Netto (nominated by Jacob Dunk, seconded by Carlin Rookes, accepted)
Mohamed Rumman (nominated by Jacob Dunk, seconded by Tom D'Netto)
Jenny Nguyen (nominated by Leefe Hicks, snd Tom “Nominator” Dnetto, declined)

Tom D’Netto

Was CSO last year reluctantly

learned a lot, wants to give back

wants to improve ps on finance side

Currently taking on classes

Jenny Recedes

Tom wins by default


Jenny Nguyen (nominated by Tom D'Netto, seconded by Jacob Dunk, accepted)
Jacob Dunk (nominated by Tom D'Netto, seconded by Carlin Rookes, accepted)
Robin Wohlers-Reichel (nominated by Tom D'Netto, seconded by Jenny Nguyen, accepted 25th March)

Jacob recedes, Jenny Declines

Robin Wohlers-Reichel

Hopefully lessen explosions of computers

Will do his best

Robin Wins by default

First Year Rep:

Robin Wohlers-Reichel (nominated by Tom D'Netto, seconded by Jacob Dunk)
Cody Love (nominated by Jenny Nguyen, seconded by Tom Bozic, accepted)
Omar Saalem (nominated by Tom D'Netto, seconded by Jenny Nguyen, accepted)
Clifford Leslie (nom’d Jenny, snd by the Seconder…yeah, YES


First Year

Promoting ProgSoc a bit

Love to continue to do that

Will come to more meetings

Loves programming, name has Code in it

Wants to promote more


2nd Year

More experienced

Be a good rep because he can manage communications, attempt to be more into the advertisements

Stuff for first years

Good rep

Omar is absent

Clifford wins popular vote.

Clifford Declines, Cody wins by default.

Alumni Rep:

Livia Lam (nominated by Tom D'Netto, seconded by Jacob Dunk, accepted 26th March)

Livia wins by default

Thanks for trusting again

Will help us out

Competitions Officer:

Tom Bozic (nominated by Tom D'Netto, seconded by Jacob Dunk, accepted)
Tom D’Netto (nominated by Livia Lam)

Tom B wins by default

Tomislav Bozic

Thanks for electing for 6th year

Lead UTS to greater ICPC World Finals glory

Other keyholders

Tom D recommends Chris Deigan retain for his skills and abilities

Bank account signatories (required by bank)

1. People to be added
2. People to be removed

General business

  1. ProgSoc BBQ
    1. We’re still the only non-BBQ club :) woot!
  2. ProgSoc Gelato
    1. Possible way to raise funds for ProgSoc
    2. Sell gelato
    3. 25th Anniversary celebrations? Give it away for free? Woot!
  3. GovHack
    1. Every says ‘yes!’

Other items of discussion without notice

  1. Do something for ProgSoc’s birthday
    1. BBQ? – once in 25 year event
    2. Pub crawl $25,000 bar tab
    3. Road trip
    4. Indie games
    5. Events in the room
    6. 25 events over 25 weeks (or 25 days?? (25 minutes??))
    7. Casual BYO party
    8. LAN party
    9. Woodchopping contest (alternate "hackathon")
    10. Hack something massive. E.g. lights on the tower building.
    11. Competition against USYD (over 25 weeks/days/hours/minutes)
    12. Cody – have a secure system which is then taken down after 30min.
      1. Over 8 hours put up your own security system – which others can try to attack.
      2. We’d need to start building on this idea now.
      3. New exec team to get sponsorship.
      4. New exec team to setup project to build the thing.
      5. Possibly get other universities involved.
  2. Tom D - ProgSoc is still under attack from China
    1. What the??
  3. Leefe – in the past year has got more social media stuff setup. E.g. twitter auto posts to facebook and vice versa.
    1. Wants to get other people involved.
    2. New exec team to continue this.
    3. Leefe suggests giving the social media role to someone and Leefe is happy to help.
    4. Sarah volunteered. However, new exec team to decide.
  4. Tom D – plans to do robotics stuff with progsoc e.g. nerf gun turrets.
    1. Xu is interested.
    2. Robin has an idea for a theme.
  5. Carlin – “let’s have a good time” *applause*
  6. Jacob & moe – thanked outgoing president.

Livia dissolved the old exec, instated the new exec, closed the AGM

FINISH: 9:30pm

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