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ProgSoc Minutes AGM 2015

Date: 12/03/2015



Cody Love, Carlin Rookes, Michael Tamas, Sarah Lawrence, Jacob Dunk, Robin Wohlers-Reichel, Kyryl Polozuk, Sarah from EngSoc, Harry Rex, Tom Bozic, Christen Kent, Tom D'Netto, Jay Lurther, Livia Lam, Sarah Portwine, Ryan Durkin, Chris Degan, Chi Soo (Colective minds of RoboSoc) Mai Nyguen, Carl Kneipp

1. Apologies

Lucy Humphreys Anna Zurek Alexis Pogonowski Francesca Joesoep Jack Skinner Zeenia Kaur Maya Marcus James Ferguson Jenny Nygen

2. Reading of the Minutes


3. Executive Reports

3.1 President: Moved in the right direction, grown in memberships 122 members. Double from last year. ProgSoc rebranded in 2014 with new logo. New logo is now widely recognised as the programmers society. Old logo was gracefully retired. We developed relationships with activate UTS and other societies for joint events and relationships and projects. we have been successful this year with our events and are eager to repeat a successful year. Met with Dean, ProgSoc has the FEIT Dean’s support. During 2014, upgrade of server infrastructure, consolidated servers. Made a surplus on finances, not including Code to Day money.

3.2 Treasurer: Treasurer is responsible for finances, this year a lot has happened. We had a turn over of $25-30K. Higher than preceding years, unheard of for progsoc. Some of this was due to Code to Day. We had roughly $28K revenue ($22 from Code2Day, rest from interests, activate grants, industry sponsors, registrations) O-week ($700 from signups). We have increased membership fee to reflect our increased events. Biggest expense was Code2Day (food x 3 meals a day, security, prizes). Other expenses (events mainly broke even or small lost eg: $70 Jiggy). 2013 $4000 , 2014 $5000. We are non-for-profit. We have removed petty cash. Advice to next treasurer: no more petty cash, reimbursements only. Keep bookwork up to date.

CK: What was balance today, last agm? TD: today $5102 last AGM $4000 approx.

3.3 CSO: Took over in 2014, with uncertainty. First thing was to virtualise machines onto one server. Thanks to CL for help. We bought another server and migrated virtuals onto it without affecting users. Also looked into modernising systems. Reduce fragile systems, not much result would like to continue this more next year. On tuesday, cable was cut, room lost connection at 1.30pm. We solved it with Chris, we are running again from Globalswitch nearby as a temp measure.

CK asked questions:

Robin answered: Globalswitch is a company that runs datacenter that is lending us rack space. We are aiming to be there for less than two months, but will be there until permanent server space at UTS is found. We are looking for power and network access in permanent space. In talks with ITD. maybe in B11, unsure. No changes to IP ranges.

Chris: Clarify where the server is housed, will that be the same place as progsoc room?

Robin: doesn't need to be same space

4. Constitution Amendments

4.2.4 Clarification of eligibility to vote.

4.2.5 Added to clarify the annual membership fee payment deadlines

5.1.1 & 5.5.6 Removal of Competitions Officer, First Year Representative, Alumni Representative from the Executive Committee

5.1.6 & 5.7: (and 12 sub-clauses) Added for the appointments of Liaison Officers (First Year, Alumni, Competitions, Media); added Liaison Officers positions, duties and regulations; added definition of positions.

5.1.7 Added for clarification of Executive Committee voting process Added for clarification of Executive Committee voting process

5.5.1 Clarification of the role of President

5.5.3 Clarification of the role of Secretary

5.5.4 (and 4 sub-clauses) Clarification of the role of Treasurer

7.2.1 & Changed date of AGM to be inline with other societies within the university; clarification of the 2015 term.

7.2.2 Lower quorum for AGM

5. Elections

Role Person Votes Accepted Nomination Nominated By Seconded By Other Seconds Successful Candidate
CSO Robin WR Default Y Cody Love Sarah Lawrence Tom Bozic, Tom D'netto, Carlin Rookes WINNA!
President Carlin Rookes 20 Y Tom D'netto Robin WR WINNA!
Cody Love N/A N Tom Bozic N
Jacob Dunk 6 Y Tom Bozic Cody Love Livia Lam, Robin WR N
Secretary Cody Love 3 Y Tom Bozic Chris Deigan N
Kyryl Polozyuk N/A N Tom D'netto Robin WR N
Nick Kobal 18 Y Carlin Rookes Robin WR WINNA!
Treasurer Cody Love 5 Y Tom Bozic Chris Deigan N
Jacob Dunk N/A N Tom D'netto N
Robin Dailpe 18 Y Carlin Rookes Robin WR WINNA!
Vice President Sarah Lawrence Default Y Livia Lam Tom Bozic Lucy Humphreys, Tom D'netto, Carlin Rookes, Robin WR WINNA!

6. General business / unscheduled business


Recommendation for Computer officer Liaison (CD) to be voted upon on next AGM


Room update = info will be passed on by Carlin

Leave date is 16th March

Looking for new space, talking to faculty

Met with Dean, looking for temp measure. Has indicated looking at permanent and supporting this.

Looking to create a space in an used lab.

Storage space has been promised by Activate and PMO office

Books: have been moved, library was downsized over 2014


CD: Mailing list, what is happening?

Move to mailchimp

We have a greater reach via facebook

Robin WC will use admin list more

FB reach has gone from 160 approx (2014 AGM) to 585 (2015 AGM)

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