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Annual General Meeting - 14th October, 2015

Location: The Loft, upstairs, UTS Building 3.


Carlin Rookes (President and Chair), Nicholas Kobal, Tom D’Netto, Tom Bozic, Mai Nguyen, Liam Zebedee Edwards-Playne, Cody Love, Moe Rumman, Ben Brazier, Jedd Rashbrooke, Chris Deigan, Rowan Patey, Yaseen Kadir, Tina Ng.


Jenny Nguyen, Lewys Martin, Sarah Lawrence, Robin Wohlers-Reichel.

Proxy holders

Carlin Rookes (six proxies, seven votes)
Tom Bozic (four proxies, five votes)

Meeting commenced at 6:15pm

Reading of Minutes

Minutes of previous AGM were read and accepted by all attendees.

Reports from the Executive Committee

President (Carlin)

  • ProgSoc went to Wollongong for Hackagong in 2015, won people's choice award.
  • More opportunities have arisen for progsoc to collaborate with other societies to organise events.
  • Healthy bank balance, sitting at approx. $4000.

Jedd: Where has the $1000 gone from the last AGM?

Carlin: No new memberships since it hasn’t been a year since the last AGM along with waiting for reimbursement for Hackagong expenses has meant that the bank balance is lower than last AGM.

Tom Bozic: Status of the ProgSoc room?

Carlin: Possibility of room with other societies, RoboSoc in similar position as progsoc as they are being kicked out of their building 2 room soon due to renovations.

Vice-President (Sarah)

Hi ProgSoc,

I send my apologies that I am unable to be there for the AGM as I'm currently in the UK.

Just wanted to say thanks for two great terms on the exec, as Secretary and Vice Pres. It's been great to see ProgSoc expand over the past few years and become a well known society around UTS. Good luck to the candidates at tonight's election, and all the best to the incoming executive team!

Kind regards from Sarah, ProgSoc Vice President 2015.

Treasurer (Robin Dalipe)

No report submitted, no apologies offered.

CSO (Robin Wohlers-Reichel)

No report submitted, apologies offered.

Constitutional Amendments

No Constitutional Amendments were proposed.


Role Person Votes Accepted nomination? Nominated by Seconded by Successful candidate?
President Jacob Dunk 11 Yes Robin Wohlers-Reichel Jenny Nguyen Yes
President Ben Brazier 8 Yes Nick Kobal Carlin Rookes No
President Liam Zebedee 4 Yes Tom Bozic Cody Love No
Vice-President Liam Zebedee Unopposed Yes Tom Bozic Jacob Dunk Yes
Secretary Cody Love 8 Yes Tom Bozic Liam Zebedee No
Secretary Nick Kobal 16 Yes Robin Wohlers-Reichel Carlin Rookes Yes
Treasurer Cody Love 7 Yes Tom Bozic Liam Zebedee No
Treasurer Mai Nguyen 20 Yes Carlin Rookes Nick Kobal Yes
CSO Lewys Martin 20 Yes Robin Wohlers-Reichel Tom Bozic Yes

General Business

Nothing club-specific worth mentioning, although a motion by Tina was made to address the attendees present, which was passed by the Chair, upon which Tina mentioned that Petersham TAFE needed more IT-related tutors/instructors and if anyone could help, they could leave their contact details with her.

Meeting concluded at 7:15pm

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