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Annual General Meeting - 27th October, 2016

video of meeting

Location: CB11.03.204

Meeting commenced at 6:16pm


Jacob Dunk, Mai Nguyen, Liam Zebedee, Nicholas Kobal, Carlin Rookes, Brenton Smith, Cody Love, Tom Bozic, Christian Kent, Kyryl Polozyuk, Harry Rex, Jayesh Malhotra, Robin Wohlers-Reichel, Matthew Beauregard, Sarah Moad, Chris Fulton, Teigan Penna (17 -- quorum met).


Chris Deigan, Tom D'Netto

Proxy holders

Jacob Dunk (Jenny Nguyen)

Reading of Minutes

Minutes from 2015 (October) 'A'GM were read and accepted.

Reports from the Executive Committee

President (Jacob)

Events conducted throughout the year:

  • STEMtacular
  • STEM cruise
  • VR talk
  • Programming competition
  • Learn to program at Hatchery

There were no events run in the second semester with the main focus on trying to obtain a room. Reports of possible access to the Software Development Studio. This is a shared space however with a slim possibility of alcohol and server space.

Carlin:​ Past execs have been in contact with the dean, however there has been no further movement.

Tom: ​ There was a small space on level 11 where everything was stored. What is happening now?

Jacob: ​ Items are scattered between storage room on level 9 and the Fortran room near the LDC.

Tom:​ collaboration in terms of finding a space?

Liam:​ Meeting with Paul Vavic and other societies regarding a space although these societies have been met with the same barriers to finding a room.

Jacob:​ Talks of collaboration with Hatchery, however sees the society being taken advantage of. Not a fan of this possibility.

Treasurer (Mai)

Review of Accounts:

Bank account at start of year:      $3,681.00
Total income over the year:         $7,493.22
Total expenditure over the year:    $7,143.08
Bank account balance currently:     $4,031.14
Petty cash on hand:                   $260.10
Pending expenses/income:                  N/A


Summary of expenditure: ProgSoc Banner, ProgComp Aerial catering, DevDiner VR event Loft Tab, STEMtacular and STEMcruise buy-ins, ProgComp Prizes, ProgComp misc.(water, pens,printing).

Summary of income sources: Memberships.

Summary of grants: WiseTech sponsorship of ProgComp.

I recommend that the future executives resolve the room issue as soon as possible as that has been the biggest obstacle in creating a feel of a society and building a bridge between alumni and student members.

CSO (Lewys Martin)

No report submitted, no apologies offered.



Nominee: Jayesh Malhotra
Accepted:​ Yes
Speech:​ Focus on running more events. Very keen on the possibility of hackathons run by the society. Thinks that with more event involvement the dean may be more inclined to provide a room to the society.

Nominee: ​Cody Love
Accepted:​ Yes
Speech: ​ Very confident in the possibility of securing a room. This would be the priority as a President and thinks a room is pivotal for the society to succeed.

Motion to Elect President

Cody: ​ 10 Jayesh: ​ 6 Abstain: ​ 2

Motion Passed, Elected for President: ​ Cody Love

Vice President:

Nominee: ​ Jayesh Malhotra
Accepted: ​ Yes
Elected for Vice President: ​ Jayesh Malhotra


Nominee: ​ Brenton Smith
Accepted: ​ Yes
Elected for Treasurer: ​ Brenton Smith


Nominee: ​ Teigan Penna
Accepted: ​ Yes
Elected for Secretary: ​ Teigan Penna

Computer Systems Officer (CSO):

Nominee: ​ Chris Deigan
Accepted: ​ Yes
Elected for CSO: ​ Chris Deigan

New Executive Committee:

  • President: ​ Cody Love
  • Vice President: ​ Jayesh Malhotra
  • Treasurer: ​ Brenton Smith
  • Secretary: ​ Teigan Penna
  • CSO: ​ Chris Deigan

New Business

Progsoc Bank Account:

Previous Signatories:

Jacob Dunk
Mai Nguyen

New Signatories:

Cody Love
Brenton Smith

Meeting finished at 7:10pm

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