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Annual General Meeting - 26th October, 2017

video of meeting

Location: UTS CB11.03.205

Meeting commenced at 18:29

Attendees (all financial members)

Brenton Smith, Teigan Penna, Sebastian Southern, Sara Moad, Jacob Dunk, Robin Wohlers-Reichel, Tomislav Bozic, Christian Kent (CK), Chris Deigan, Jenny Nguyen, Cody Love, Leefe Hicks


Tomislav Bozic: Roland Turner
Christian Kent: Tom Hale
Brenton Smith: Alejandro Munoz


Required in UTS ProgSoc Constitution: 14 (inclusive of proxies)

Members Present: 15 (inclusive of proxies)

Quorum Reached: Yes


1. Apologies
2. Reading of the 2016 Minutes
3. Executive Reports
4. Elections
5. General business / unscheduled business


Jayesh Malhotra (NOTE: Nominated a proxy late), Alejandro Munoz

Reading of the Minutes

Minutes from the 2016 AGM were read and accepted by all attendees.

Executive Reports

President (Cody Love)

Events conducted throughout the year:

Nothing substantial

No events were run throughout the year as it was difficult since all of the exec were working full time and not on campus, Jayesh (2017 Vice President) was overseas for much of the year too.

As the year progressed, the execs effort was focussed on succession and ensuring 2018 would be a more successful year with a more appropriate executive team.

Jacob: What advice would you give yourself if you could do it again?

Cody: Don’t hope something will change, just take some time off work and actually do it.

Treasurer (Brenton Smith)

Effectively had no expenses over the year due to the lack of events, the AGM will cost roughly $120 but besides that there were no expenses.

49 signups at O’Day and across the year as well as bank interest lead to $494.08 income.

Review of Accounts:

Bank account at start of year: $ 4,150.79
Total income over the year: $494.08
Total expenditure over the year: N/A
Bank account balance currently: $ 4,174.87
Petty cash on hand: $470
Pending expenses/income: N/A (AGM Catering?)

CK: We have $500 incoming, where’s the outgoing - because the balance hasn’t changed?

Brenton: The balance is for the bank account, majority of the signups are still currently in petty cash which is a separate line item. Cody will deposit these into the account as soon as possible.

Speaking to FEIT/FLP:

Have been in contact with Shiree from the FLP over the last month or two, the faculty are promoting the use of the FLP as a spot for societies and we would be able to use the FLP for recurring bookings and storage.

The faculty are also running quarterly meetings with the FEIT related societies and are available to help with marketing and in some cases funding. ProgSoc have not been part of these meetings this year due to inactivity, but will be invited going forward provided the future exec keep in contact.

Computer Systems Officer (Chris Deigan)

Major change this year, stopped being able to host the web servers ourselves. Began hosting offshore for US$75 a month (Chris is covering this currently).

CK: What should we be aiming to spend?

Chris: We need to host the mailing list, website and user hosted websites. By cutting home directories we could half the cost, or move the server on site. Hardware isn’t a problem, just accomodation. Members could easily fund that.

Previous Executives Stepping Down

President: Cody Love

Vice President: Jayesh Malhotra

Treasurer: Brenton Smith

Secretary: Teigan Penna

CSO: Chris Deigan


The existing committee for 2017 step down and elections were held for the 2018 executives. Voting was to be carried out by show of hands, but all positions were run for unopposed and accepted by all attendees.


Nominee: Brenton Smith (Nominated by Tomislav Bozic, Seconded by Jacob Dunk)

Accepted: Yes

Speech: Aim is to continue talks with the faculty and potentially collaborate with other FEIT societies, become active on campus again and try to generate interest among newer students. Goal is to ensure succession of the society amongst current students.

Thinks we should stop being so focussed on “getting a room”, many new students do not know of ProgSoc and the old room, have an opportunity to attract new members and successors with events and shared space like the FLP.

Motion to Elect President (Unopposed)

Brenton: 15

Abstain: 0

Motion Passed, Elected for President: Brenton Smith

Vice President

Nominee: Jenny Nguyen (Nominated by Cody Love, Seconded by Brenton Smith)

Accepted: Yes

Speech: Aims to help with Brenton’s stated goals for the society in 2018.

Motion to Elect Vice President (Unopposed)

Jenny: 15

Abstain: 0

Motion Passed, Elected for Vice President: Jenny Nguyen


Nominee: Sebastian Southern (Nominated by Brenton Smith, Seconded by Tomislav Bozic)

Accepted: Yes

Motion to Elect Treasurer (Unopposed)

Sebastian: 15

Abstain: 0

Motion Passed, Elected for Treasurer: Sebastian Southern


Nominee: Alejandro Munoz (Nominated by Brenton Smith, Seconded by Tomislav Bozic)

Accepted: Yes

Motion to Elect Secretary

Alejandro: 15

Abstain: 0

Motion Passed, Elected for Treasurer: Alejandro Munoz

Computer Systems Officer (CSO)

Nominee: Chris Deigan (Nominated by Tomislav Bozic, Seconded by Jenny Nguyen)

Accepted: Yes

Motion to Elect CSO (Unopposed)

Chris: 15 Abstain: 0

Motion Passed, Elected for CSO: Chris Deigan

New Business

ProgSoc Bank Account

Previous executive member (Cody Love) is to be removed as a signatory from all existing bank accounts, and the new executive member (Sebastian Southern) is to be added as a signatory in their place.

Meeting finished at 19:10

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