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Annual General Meeting - 25th October, 2018

Meeting date: Thursday 25th of October, 2018

Meeting location: CB11.03.205

Meeting start time: 18:12

Video of meeting


1. Apologies
2. Reading of the Minutes
3. Executive Reports
4. Constitution Amendments
5. Elections
6. General business / unscheduled business


Financial members with full voting rights (15):

Patrick Miziewicz, Sebastian Guillema, Tomislav (Tom) Bozic, Matthew Beauregard, Ben Kelly, Brenton Smith, Alejandro Munoz, Sebastian Vaughan, Sebastian Southern, Ryan Lawton, Rosie Prom, Xiangsheng Zeng, Razin Ayida Kaharuba, Georgia McCarthy, Jason Ho

Non financial attendees (2):

Leefe Hicks, Jacob Vortanian

Apologies (2):

Chris Deigan, Jenny Nguyen (nominated proxy)

Proxies (1):

Tomislav Bozic: Jenny Nguyen


Required in UTS ProgSoc Constitution: 14 (inclusive of proxies)
Members Present: 16 (inclusive of proxies)
Quorum Reached: Yes

Reading of the Minutes of the 2017 Programmers’ Society AGM

Minutes from 2017 were displayed on the screen and read to all attendees.

Motion to declare these minutes as a true account of the previous AGM.

Minutes accepted.

Executive reports

President (Brenton Smith)

Aim for this year was to revive ProgSoc and find successors for the exec, this year we had 157 financial members, happy with that, ran a few large events and small events across the year, re-established relationship with ActivateUTS after not being in contact with them for most of 2017.

Re-established sponsor relationship with WiseTech, collaborated with a few other societies - robotics society, PAAS and Cyber Security Society and the FEIT engagement staff.

Ran a few events across the year:

  • VR playday early in the year at UTS Loft with DevDiner
  • Resumed weekly meetups in Autumn at the FLP
  • Code2Learn Stuvac hackathon with RoboSoc
  • Three arduino workshops with RoboSoc and PAAS
  • IBM startup talk with EngSoc and Software Studio and IBM + Startups (didn’t get much prep time for this event, so didn’t go as well as we would have liked)
  • FEIT Society Games Day with TechSoc, RoboSoc, PAAS, Engineering without borders, Unbound
  • Hack. Code. Learn collab weekly meetups (CyberSec booked room on CB11.07, and people would come and learn about competitive coding etc.)
  • UTS Programming Competition 2018, very successful, recruited a few teams to start training for ICPC, sent 4 teams to ICPC divisionals, 1 team qualified for regionals. They will be competing in regionals and have a chance at world finals in Portugal.

Vice-President (Jenny Nguyen)

Nothing to add.

Treasurer (Sebastian Southern)

  Bank accounts at start of year:	$4,613.59
  Total income over the year:		$26,707.90
  Total expenditure over the year:	$23,670.58
  Bank accounts balances currently:	$7,650.91
  Pending expenses/income:		N/A (AGM Catering?)

A big part of funding was WiseTech Global, so next year we should think about getting a continued sponsorship from them.

Feels that Activate didn't really believe in ProgSoc at the start of this year due to inactivity in 2016/2017 which made it challenging to get funding. (Brenton’s note: While I believe we had to re-establish relationship with Activate + FEIT, I don’t think this caused funding problems)

Started off with about 4.6k and got about 27k and spent 23k leaving us with 7.6k currently.

A lot of the money we spent was on the hackathon, which had a large prize pool (8k) with 60 people contesting. Lots of positive feedback from that, and much of that was independent of the size of the prize pool. Hopefully we continue doing something similar next year. Should save some more money on the prize pool for next year.

Brenton: Another point to cover is the St George account which we’d like to close if there are no objections?

We used to have a St George account, this year we moved to a Commonwealth bank account in line with all other societies and Activate requirements. Commonwealth bank requires president and treasurer to sign off on all transactions as has Activate as the primary signatory. We’d like to move the money across from the St George account into the Commonwealth bank account and then shut down the St George account. Two accounts is a lot of trouble for handover, and having all money in Commonwealth bank is more secure as it requires both president and treasurer to sign off and has Activate as the primary signatory.

No objections from anyone with shutting down the St George account and moving funds across to Commonwealth. Motion to shutdown St George account accepted.

Secretary (Alejandro Munoz)

Nothing to add.

Computer Systems Officer (Chris Deigan, report presented by Brenton in his absence)

Server is still being hosted on DigitalOcean, we still require a permanent solution as this is being paid for personally by Chris Deigan. Was costing US$75 a month due to large amounts of block storage used by alumni (one person using 298gb/300gb).

We have a need for a server as old members store their data there and some of this is good and not expensive/difficult to keep. ProgSoc server is a part of our history and keeping it is important to us, there are many interesting and historical websites on there. Server needs to be publicly facing.

Matthew: ProgSoc had a lot of treasures, unfortunately the physical ones have been lost, which makes keeping the digital ones even more important - especially when it’s not difficult to retain them. We should figure out what is publicly visible and what is not.

Planned to move server into EGGs server rack in Harry Heath Room. Plans fell through, would have to get IP address from uni + had communication issues with EGG due to our schedules. (Tom: and has been reserved for ProgSoc use in the past -- need to check if still reserved). Still should possible pursue that next year.

Server been moved into Faculty Learning Precinct Storage Room as Chris moved overseas, but is not turned on.

UTS founded startup OrionVM, briefly talking with them about potential sponsorship of cloud resources.

RE: Christian Kent’s concern about society not currently funding the server.

The society is for the students/current members, and most of the current cost is due to alumni who are no longer members. Not fair to use society money to fund this unless we cut down cost or begin hosting on campus again.

Amendments to the Programmers’ Society Constitution

10 amendments to vote on tonight, some minor, some more significant. Activate approved them all and suggested a few as well. Our primary focus is to remove bureaucracy and redundancy.

N.B.: A minimum two-thirds majority of votes in the affirmative by financial members is required to pass an amendment as per Section 8.1. of the Constitution.

Each amendment was displayed on screen, then explained briefly to clarify the purpose of each amendment. Then, for each amendment, a call for a show of raised hands in the affirmative was made then the number of hands was counted, then a call for a show of raised hands in the negative was made and counted. Abstentions were to be recorded as such, however, no financial member abstained. Proxies were counted towards the vote.

Sixteen votes (including proxy) can be cast. Need 11 votes to pass.

1. Definitions

Change the definition to ActivateUTS and UTS full name is now comma free.

For: 14
Against: 2

Motion carried.

2. Membership

Moving towards what Activate is doing as they control membership - calendar year memberships.

No multi-year memberships or lifetime memberships due to the website, EngSoc + others are petitioning for a subscription for the same length as uni degree and similar.

For: 13
Against: 3

Motion carried.

3. Executive term length

Remove redundant transition clause about 2015 exec term length when AGM date was moved from March to October.

For: 16
Against: 0

Motion carried.

4. Executive voting

Remove clause about president breaking ties, for fully attended meeting a tie is impossible.

Christian Kent’s strong opinion via facebook: Does it fail to see the possibility that a member may be absent or abstain?

Matthew: What if not all members can show?

Brenton: If someone is not there ask them to settle it?

Matthew: If they can’t vote about how to vote then this is needed.

Ben: Is there a case where this would be a bad thing to have in the constitution? It is good to have this as a backup.

Sebastian G.: Presidents can’t participate in voting as they are generally chairman of meeting? Due to conflict of interest, by default presidents don’t have a say but can break a tie.

Liaison officers are not official executive roles, so will not be able to break ties or vote.

Meeting suspended temporarily around 7PM due to dropping below quorum as Seb, Rosie and Ben leave to pick up pizza. Voting and meeting proceed when they come back.

For: 6
Against: 10

Motion NOT carried.

Jacob Vartanian and Jason Ho left at 7:18pm.

Fifteen votes (including proxy) can now be cast. Now need 10 votes to pass.

5. Key-Holders

Delete clauses: Make up to four key-holder appointments

ProgSoc has been without a room since 2015 and has not yet required a storage locker, so has no keys.

The key holder role has been made redundant by liaison officers.

We don’t have a locker at the moment so have no form of keys anyway.

For: 13
Against: 2

Motion carried.

6. Security

Genericise to: All members holding access shall make all reasonable effort to maintain security of room

For: 15
Against: 0

Motion carried.

7. Secretary

Secretary shouldn’t have to act as VP in their absence, anyone should be able to step up if needed.

Sebastian G.: I think this is because there is a similar clause about VP acting as president, this just sets up a fallback for that.

Brenton: I think it makes sense for President/Vice President, but there’s no reason the Treasurer rather than Secretary (for example) shouldn’t be able to replace the VP

For: 13
Against: 2

Motion carried.

8. Liaison Officers

Removal of a lot of the clauses specifying details of Liaison roles. Constitution shouldn’t include optional clauses as it should be minimal. By keeping reference to liaison roles but removing definition, we can keep all the roles if desired AND change with the society and its memberbase.

Original purpose of the similar key holder role was that people would hold keys, which was a valuable. But liaison roles also make sense for a first year/someone starting to get involved but without an official role. Liaison officers are people that want to put in a bit more than the average member, have something to put on their resume etc.

Georgia: So basically general committee?

Brenton: Yes, other societies generally call this type of role a general committee role.

Something to consider would be that Liaison officers are not official executive roles and will not be eligible for AHEGS program, this may be unfair if they put in the same effort as an exec.

Activate this year have started AHEGS recognition program, keep a logbook with 80+ hours of work and complete some courses and your role will be recognised on your transcript.

For: 14
Against: 1

Motion carried.

9. Auditing

Remove clause about requiring. Unclear how official this audit has to be (a member/old timer, an accounting firm?), according to Roland (co-founder) on mailing list he believes this clause dates back to the very first draft constitution and was never followed. Other societies apparently have the same clause and also don’t follow it. Leaving such clauses undermines the rest of the constitution.

For: 15
Against: 0

Motion carried.

10. Notice

Medium for providing notice to members should change to become more effective, specifying a specific medium (notice board) doesn’t seem to be a good idea. Activate UTS strongly recommended we remove this after we asked for permission to display our amendments on the notice board in line with our constitution. Potentially there won’t be a union board in the future as building 2 is completed and food court may move.

Brenton: It was ridiculous, I had to put up 5 consecutive A4 pieces of paper for this AGM and the amendments.

Tom notes that no one in attendance had even seen the posters/amendments on the union notice board.

Matthew: Is there a virtual union notice board?

Brenton: I don’t think so

Matthew: Do the union do anything with advertising anymore, like a newsletter? I would expect that would include announcements about AGMs and amendments.

Brenton: Occasionally, but FEIT also now sends out a regular email which we can use.

Ben: Most societies have their own mailing list now

Tom: ProgSoc has had one since the early 1990s.

For: 15
Against: 0

Motion carried.

Leefe left at 8:05pm.

Previous Executives Stepping Down

President: Brenton Smith
Vice President: Jenny Nguyen
Treasurer: Sebastian Southern
Secretary: Alejandro Munoz
CSO: Chris Deigan

Brenton acted as returning officer for the remainder of the AGM.

Election of the 2019 Programmers’ Society Executive Committee.

Elected by simple majority, i.e. if a candidate received at least 50 percent of the vote, then they would be considered elected to the role. In the event that no candidate received a simple majority, then the candidate with the least amount of votes would be eliminated and another vote would be cast. This method would be repeated until a simple majority could be obtained. The president acted as the returning officer, since he was not a candidate, and chose to abstain from the vote, except when needed to resolve ties in voting. The vote was cast with the closing of eyes and the raising of hands. The returning officer counted the number of votes cast in this manner for each candidate. This method was agreed upon by the membership present at the meeting.

Ben: Aren’t nominations supposed to be 2 weeks in advance?

Brenton: We opened nominations 2 weeks in advance, they could have been done on mailing list, but we allow nominations at the AGM unlike some other societies.


Sebastian Southern nominated Ben, Ryan seconded. Ben Accepts.

Ben nominates Rosie, Matthew B seconded. Rosie accepts.

Sebastian G nominated Patrick, Sheng Z seconded. Patrick accepts.

Brenton nominated Seb Southern, Tom seconded. Seb Southern declined.

Ben: 2 votes
Rosie: 6 votes
Patrick: 4 votes

Rosie elected president.

Speech: We should make a Facebook post to see what members liked about this year and what they didn’t. Wants to run many events and get in touch a wide variety of partners or sponsors to collaborate with.


Sebastian Southern nominated Ben, Ryan seconded. Ben accepts.

Sebastian G nominated Patrick, Sheng Z seconded. Patrick accepts.

Ryan nominated Ryan, Sebastian Southern seconded. Ryan accepts.

Ben: 1 vote
Patrick: 7 votes
Ryan: 4 votes

Patrick elected vice-president.

Speech: I want to run a lot more events and projects, just hearing about all these old stories from Matthew, Leefe and Tom motivates me to bring ProgSoc back to being like that. (Tom's note: bless you Pat from the bottom of my heart <3 )


Seb V nominates Seb S, Ben seconded. Seb S accepts.

Seb S nominates Seb V, Rosie seconded. Seb V accepts.

Sebastian Vaughn: 1 vote
Sebastian Southern: 7 votes
Abstain: 4 votes

Sebastian S elected secretary.


Ben nominates Ryan, Rosie seconded. Ryan accepts.

Ryan: 12 votes

Ryan elected treasurer unopposed.

Computer Systems Officer

Georgia nominates Ben, Rosie seconded, Ben accepted.

Sebastian S nominates Sebastian V, Georgia seconded. Sebastian V accepted.

Ben’s speech indicates a lot of experience with physical hardware.

Sebastian V’s speech indicates a lot of experience with cloud services.

Brenton: So it seems like this is a battle between hardware and the cloud?

Georgia: Can you have joint roles? Some constitutions allow it, some don’t.

Brenton: I don’t think we’ve done it before?

Georgia: Another society proposed a motion to add a role, we could do that?

Tom: Traditionally, the CSO’s helper has been called the PFY or Pimply Faced Youth.

Georgia: Ok, but can we call it Co-CSO so someone doesn’t have to explain that on their resume?

Ben: 7 votes (6 votes + tie breaking vote from returning officer)
Sebastian Vaughn: 6 votes

Brenton, as returning officer, abstained from all votes but broke tie in this case.

Thinks both are great candidates and would like the other to become Co-CSO, but decided on Ben due to his motivation to run education events and his experience with administering physical servers.

Ben elected CSO.

Motion to add a co-CSO role just for 2019 as an ad-hoc Executive role rather than a liaison role. Primarily for AHEGS eligibility and fairness due to shared responsibility: 12 votes. Motion carried.


Sebastian S nominates Sebastian V, Georgia seconded. Sebastian V accepted.

Sebastian V: 12 votes

Sebastian V elected Co-CSO unopposed.

New Executive Committee

President: Rosie Prom
Vice President: Patrick Miziewicz
Secretary: Sebastian Southern
Treasurer: Ryan Lawton
CSO: Ben Kelly
Co-CSO: Sebastian Vaughan

New Business

1. ProgSoc St George Bank Account

In line with the decision above during the Treasurer’s talk and talks with Activate last year during reaffiliation, going forward the St George account will be wound down and all funds transferred in to the Commonwealth Bank account.

The St George account will be shut down during hand over and as a result need not have a change in signatories. Details of the bank account when it will be shutdown are as follows:

BANK NAME: St George
ACCOUNT NAME: Programmers Society
BSB: 112-879

2. ProgSoc Commonwealth Bank Account

The Programmers’ Society recognises that the CEO of ActivateUTS is the overarching sole signatory, and that the Clubs Manager is a joint signatory in addition to those current UTS Student / Staff elected representatives listed below for the bank account.

The previous executive (Brenton Smith, Sebastian Southern) are to be removed as signatories from all existing bank accounts, and the new executive is to be added as signatories in their place. The new signatories for the bank accounts are as follows:

BANK NAME: Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)
ACCOUNT NAME: The Programmers' Society
BSB: 06 2392

Person One: Rosie Prom
Position: President

Person Two: Ryan Lawton
Position: Treasurer

3. 30th Anniversary - 16th March 2019.

How are we going to celebrate it? Tom was thinking of booking the Aerial for a gala event, find as many old timers as possible and invite them, and also invite current members. Open to other ideas.

4. Anything else?

Georgia: Can we reduce quorum to 8 instead of 14?

Brenton: I didn’t think it’d pass, too late now to vote on this as we needed to give 2 weeks notice for amendments.

Tom: It used to be 20...

Matthew: There are how many members, 150? 14 isn’t many.

Sebastian G.: Societies often have poor engagement rate, 5% of memberbase is common.

Meeting concluded at 8:50pm.

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