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ProgSoc (Programmers’ Society) - Minutes for AGM 2019

Meeting date: Tuesday 29th of October, 2019
Meeting location: CB11.05.400 (new iHub space)
Meeting start time: 18:04

1. Apologies
2. Reading of the Minutes
3. Executive Reports
4. Constitution Amendments
5. Elections
6. General business / unscheduled business

Financial members with full voting rights (19):
Jayden Lee, Rachel Coster, Luke Chalkley, Brenton Smith, Tomislav Bozic, Sebastian Vaughan, Ryan Cleminson, Albert Ferguson, Jackson Edwards, John Cu, Mitchell Murphy, Ben Kelly, Christian Kent, Rosalinda Prom, Lachlan Garrity, Minh Tran, Patrick Miziewicz, Jasmeet Bedi, Mohit Sewani

Non financial attendees (N/A)

Apologies (1):
Sebastian Southern - our Secretary, absent sadly. He has given responsibility to Sebastian (2018-19 CSO) to complete the AGM notes.

Proxies (5):
Sebastian Southern, Mustafa Barodawala, Sophie Barton, Leon Cho, Jenny Nguyen

Required in UTS ProgSoc Constitution: 14 (inclusive of proxies)
Members Present: 24 (inclusive of proxies)
Quorum Reached: Yes

Reading of the Minutes of the 2018 Programmers’ Society AGM

Minutes from 2018 were displayed on the screen and read to all attendees.
Motion to declare these minutes as a true account of the previous AGM. Minutes accepted.

Executive reports

President (Ben Kelly)
We managed to hit 250 members this year. The Discord server has been a great help with member numbers. (160% increase in membership)

ProgSoc turned 30 this year, big milestone, possibly the longest lasting society.

Six workshops this year, plan for next year prepared.

Some great new sponsors in Deloitte, DigiZoo and Assignar, and collaboration with BCII and Jazz Band from Music Society. Great connection with Hackathon Australia, Real Skills Education, HERE Maps.

Activate and FEIT have been really supportive financially which has helped with event coordination and general running costs. iHub has popped up as a potential new room. Discord has been a great tool, discussion from members, alumni and execs all in the one forum, with separated channels for discussion.

Treasurer (Ryan Lawton)
Bank accounts at start of year: $7,875.30
Total income over the year: $12,303.35
Total expenditure over the year: $11,905.39
Bank accounts balances currently: $8,273.36
Pending expenses/income: N/A (AGM Catering)

A big part of funding was our sponsors, so next year we should continue sponsorships with these sponsors. Hackathon and ProgComp main costs (prizes).

Computer Systems Officer (Sebastian Vaughan)
From last year: Server is still being hosted on DigitalOcean, we still require a permanent solution as this is being paid for personally by Chris Deigan. Was costing US$75 a month due to large amounts of block storage used by alumni (one person using 298gb/300gb).

We have a need for a server as old members store their data there and some of this is good and not expensive/difficult to keep. ProgSoc server is a part of our history and keeping it is important to us, there are many interesting and historical websites on there. Server needs to be publicly facing.

Server been moved into Faculty Learning Precinct Storage Room as Chris moved overseas, but is not turned on.

Need to remove the old user data, possibly document the process and document the rest of the ProgSoc Server environment(s) while we are there. We need to continue with cloud based but cut down on the block storage to cut costs, then ProgSoc can begin to foot the bill (still being footed by Chris Deigan).

Amendments to the Programmers’ Society Constitution

2 amendments to vote on tonight, both of significance.

N.B.: A minimum two-thirds majority of votes in the affirmative by financial members is required to pass an amendment as per Section 8.1. of the Constitution.

Each amendment was displayed on screen, then explained briefly to clarify the purpose of each amendment. Then a call for a show of raised hands in the affirmative was made then the number of hands was counted, then a call for a show of raised hands in the negative was made and counted. Abstentions were allowed, however none were recorded.

Twenty-four (24) votes (including proxy) can be cast. Need sixteen (16) votes to pass.

New Constitutional Role - Events Coordinator
Append to Clause 5.1.1:
“Events Coordinator”

Add Clause 5.5.6:
“Events Coordinator. The Events Coordinator shall coordinate the timeline and planning of Society events.”

For: 23
Against: 1

Motion carried.

New Constitutional Role - Marketing Director
Append to Clause 5.1.1:
“Marketing Director”

Add Clause 5.5.7:
“Marketing Director. The Marketing Director shall manage and moderate all Society social media platforms, and shall provide and distribute Society marketing material.”

For: 24
Against: 0

Motion carried.

Previous Executives Stepping Down

President: Ben Kelly
Vice President: Patrick Miziewicz
Treasurer: Ryan Lawton
Secretary: Sebastian Southern
CSO: Sebastian Vaughan

Tom Bozic acted as returning officer for the remainder of the AGM.
Did not take a role, so he assisted with Voting.

Election of the 2019 Programmers’ Society Executive Committee

Elected by simple majority, i.e. if a candidate received at least 50 percent of the vote, then they would be considered elected to the role. In the event that no candidate received a simple majority, then the candidate with the least amount of votes would be eliminated and another vote would be cast. This method would be repeated until a simple majority could be obtained.

No prior nominations.


Jayden Lee nominated Ben, Rachel Coster seconded. Ben Kelly Accepts.

Ben: 19 votes, 4 abstain

Ben elected president unopposed.


Ben nominated Rachel, Tom Bozic seconded. Rachel accepts.
Rosie nominated Albert, Rachel seconded. Albert rejected.

Rachel: 23 votes.

Rachel elected vice-president unanimously.

Speech: I want to encourage women in IT, and I want to assist students with difficult subjects, like Security Fundamentals. Create incentives to continue their E/IT degrees and provide mentorship to students and ProgSoc members. Keep Discord alive with weekly events. Rachel dabbed after being elected vice-president.


Ben nominates Jayden (Lee), Albert seconded. Jayden accepts.

Jayden: 23 votes

Jayden elected secretary unopposed.

Speech: want to encourage more email communication and influence as it was somewhat lacking last year.


Ben nominates Ryan (Lawton), Rachel seconded. Ryan accepts.

Ryan: 22 votes, 1 abstain

Ryan elected treasurer unopposed.

Speech: plan to spend a similar amount (make profit). Despite running events at a loss. We want to have more events next year with the same profit/loss ratio. Keep sponsors on board, and even get more. Pair events with sponsorships, collaborate with others and we can save money.

Computer Systems Officer

Rachel nominates Victor, Patrick seconded, Victor accepted.
Jayden nominates Albert, Ben seconded. Albert rejected based on time requirements, he would like to help in a liaison capacity.
Ben nominates Seb, Ryan seconds, Seb rejects based on same reasons as Albert.

Victor: 23 votes

Victor elected CSO unanimously.

Marketing Director

Ben nominates Jackson, Rachel seconded. Jackson declines.
Mohit nominates himself, Albert seconded. Mohit accepts.

Some discourse about the role, we discussed the role’s requirements including the use of tools and the amount of time dedicated to this role.

Mohit: 23 votes

Mohit elected Marketing Director unanimously.

Events Coordinator

Rosie nominates Jackson, Ben seconded. Jackson accepts.
Jayden nominates Albert, Rachel seconded. Albert accepts.

Some discourse about the role, we discussed the role’s requirements and how to detect event dates, writing descriptions, talking with other parties, general organising. Albert and Jackson both have a good amount of time to commit to the role.

Jackson: 5 votes
Albert: 15 votes
2 abstained.

Albert elected Events Coordinator.

New Executive Committee

President: Benjamin Kelly
Vice President: Rachel Coster
Treasurer: Ryan Lawton
Secretary: Jayden Lee
CSO: Victor Tran
Marketing Director: Mohit Sewani
Events Coordinator: Albert Ferguson

Discussion of General Business

New events.
Using iHub, supporting ProgComp and ANZAC, more events.
BattleCode MIT, AI course, special event???
Christmas party perhaps?

Liaison roles - expressions of interest
Ryan Cleminson, Rosie and Jackson, also Seb V.

Why are we inactive over summer?
People on holidays, doing more stuff, busy working or on holidays
Thoughts on ideas for summer at point (a) above...

Meeting concluded at 7:14pm.

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