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ProgSoc (Programmers’ Society) - Minutes for AGM 2020

Meeting date: Friday 30th of October, 2020
Meeting location: ProgSoc Discord
Meeting start time: 17:08

1. Attendance / Apologies
2. Reading of the Minutes
3. Executive Reports
4. Elections
5. General business / unscheduled business


Financial members with full voting rights (16)

Ben Kelly, Atharva Kapare, Rachel Coster, Victor Tran, Mohammed Shaan Khan, Aditya Raj Pandey, Tomislav Bozic, Ryan Lawton, Ricky Felix, Jaffar Rizvi, Ryan Cleminson, Mohit Sewani, Leo Shchurov, Christian Kent

Late Arrivals: ​ Jayden Lee, Jonathan Moallem

Non financial attendees

Rosalie Prom

Apologies (1):
Jayden Lee - our Secretary. Ben Kelly will instead be taking minutes. (Note, Jayden joined at 16:12)

Proxies (2):

Ben Kelly will be acting on behalf of Jayden Lee and Jonathan Moallem, both of whom arrived late

Required in UTS ProgSoc Constitution: 14 (inclusive of proxies)
Members Present: 16 (inclusive of proxies)
Quorum Reached: Yes

Reading of the Minutes of the 2019 Programmers’ Society AGM

Minutes from 2019 were displayed on the screen and read to all attendees.
Motion to declare these minutes as a true account of the previous AGM. Minutes accepted.

Executive reports

President (Ben Kelly)
We have had 195 members this year, a drop from the 254 previously, but still a decent amount in my eyes considering the circumstances. Overall, we ran 11 events, 3 of which were collaborations. This year was good for establishing new relationships and lines of communication, with 2 new sponsorships (Hypothesis and Atlassian), and running 2 workshops with partnered organisations (General Assembly and IBM).

Covid sure was the elephant in the room this year. From mid march onwards, We transitioned entirely away from on campus events, had to cancel the Hackathon, and ran the remaining workshops and events online. It was harder to run collaborative events with other societies.

Treasurer (Ryan Lawton)

Bank accounts at start of year: $7821.07
Total income over the year: $3395.00
Total expenditure over the year: $2171.77
Bank accounts balances currently: $9194.30
Pending expenses/income: ProgComp Prizes, Server Fees

Lots of unspent money from Sponsorships and Member fees that we can utilise next year We lost ~$1300 from unreimbursed merch (USB Business Cards), due to the Activate funding halt, which may continue onto next year.

Haven’t really had to spend money this year (online events are cheap)

In a good position financially for running events next year, regardless of the state of FEIT or Activate Funding

Computer Systems Officer (Victor Tran)
Server transfer to the cheaper option is still underway, and Victor plans to either continue as CSO or work with the new CSO to complete the transfer. ProgSoc has now officially taken on the costs of the server.

Previous Executives Stepping Down

President: ​ Ben Kelly
Vice President: ​ Rach Coster
Treasurer: ​ Ryan Lawton
Secretary: ​ Jayden Lee
Computer Systems Officer: ​ Victor Tran
Events Coordinator:​ Albert Ferguson
Marketing Director:​ Mohit Sewani

Ben Kelly acted as returning officer for the remainder of the AGM.
Did not take a role, so he assisted with Voting.

Election of the 2020 Programmers’ Society Executive Committee

Elected by simple majority, i.e. if a candidate received at least 50 percent of the vote, then they would be considered elected to the role. In the event that no candidate received a simple majority, then the candidate with the least amount of votes would be eliminated and another vote would be cast. This method would be repeated until a simple majority could be obtained.

No prior nominations.


Ben nominated Rach, Tom seconded. Rach Accepts.

16 votes, 0 abstain

Rach elected president unanimously. Reached vote threshold.


Ben nominated Leo, Rach seconded. Leo Accepts.Atharva self nominates, Adi seconded. Atharva Accepts.

10 votes Leo, 6 votes Atharva

Leo elected Vice President. Reached vote threshold.


Adi nominated Atharva, Victor seconded. Atharva Accepts.

Ben nominated Ryan Clemi, Ryan Lawton seconded. Ryan Accepts.

12 votes Ryan C, 4 votes Atharva

Ryan Clemi elected Treasurer. Reached vote threshold.


Atharva nominated Adi, Ben seconded. Adi Accepts

16 votes, 0 abstain

Adi elected Secretary unanimously. Reached vote threshold.

Computer Systems Officer

Ben nominated Atharva, Adi seconded, Atharva Accepts.

Rach nominated Victor, Tom seconded, Victor Accepts.

Discussion of ongoing plans to transfer server is the main discussion point, with Victor stating he will help with the transfer regardless of position. Ben brings up that working alongside Victor during the transition will be good training for Atharva.

15 votes Atharva, 1 vote Victor

Atharva elected CSO. Reach vote threshold

Events Coordinator

Ben nominated Shaan, Adi seconded, Shaan Accepts.

16 votes, 0 abstain

Shaan elected Events Coordinator unanimously. Reached vote threshold.

Marketing Director

Ben nominated Renier, Rach seconded, Renier Accepts

Discussion that Renier is new to the society, but has shown a lot of skill and dedication to programming and would be a good fit.

16 votes, 0 abstain

Renier elected Marketing Director unanimously. Reached vote threshold.

New Executive Committee

President: Rachel Coster
Vice President: Leonid Shchurov
Treasurer: Ryan Cleminson
Secretary: Aditya Raj Pandey
CSO: Atharva Kapare
Marketing Director: Mohammed Shaan Shahroze Khan
Events Coordinator: Renier Lambinon

Discussion of General Business

Billion seconds of progsoc announcement / potential celebration

Discussion of new merch for next year

Meeting concluded at 6:56pm.

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