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This section is intended to house any reference documentation compiled to assist in the administration of the ProgSoc network. (And a To-Do list.)

Chart of Administrators

These are the people with power to make changes on ProgSoc equipment.

  • Anand Kumria (wildfire)
  • Chris Deigan (ctd)
  • Chris Laughton (chlaught, scyroth)
  • James Ducker (jducker)
  • James Kirsop (jimmyk, specialk)
  • Justin Steward (althalus, tasaio)
  • Nathan de Vries (ndvries)
  • Nicholas Fitzroy-Dale (wzdd)
  • Noah O'Donoghue (noah)
  • Rob Howard (rhoward, cabbage)
  • Thomas Given-Wilson (sanguinev, noir)
  • Tom Bozic (tomchristmas)
  • Peter Revelant (CSO) (revelant)
  • Sean Williams (sajw)

Reference Docs

  • Debian
    • Upgrades
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