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Every time a new Exec gets installed (or, specifically, a new Treasurer), the outgoing and incoming Treasurers both need to visit the bank.

In fact, the St George account for our society has two people's names on it. This is, by convention, the President and the Treasurer.

Of course, either or both these two Executives may delegate these banking privileges to other members.


Myles and Dave need to take Christian to the bank during a Saturday morning. And possibly Elden.

Christian and Elden currently hold the signatures to the account. When you get there, they will issue you new EFTPOS cards, add your signatures, and make you put 4 digits into a little machine. (No no, not a mini-guillotine).

Action Items

1. Myles: Nominate a Saturday morning to do this.

Bank Fees

We are incurring some wickedly huge bank fees ($20/month) due to our ability to process credit card charges. This is neat, but pointless, in the age of netbanking.

The Treasurer needs to go to the bank and tell them to stop.

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