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Project Details

  • Overall Status: Incomplete
  • Proposed on: 2005/04/01 (Unknown)
  • Started on: 2005/04/20 (Unknown)


Set up DHCP and ipchains on medusa to allow laptops access to internal machines, and the internet through a NAT'd port. Badger ITD to open up a port for us.


  • [DONE] Set up dhcp on medusa.
  • Set up a NAT'd port using ipchains.
  • Badger ITD for a port.


  • 2005/05/01: Moved the dhcp setup to medusa so that the laptops can see it from membernet.
  • 2005/06/01: medusa has no free PCI slots. The plan is to have the Access Point provide NAT access to wireless clients. DO NOT USE WEP WPA only. Yet to setup.
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