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Minutes of the Society Executive/Systems Meeting Monday 1st July 1996

Chair: Dennis Clark

Attending: Dennis Clark, Roland Turner, Anton Blanchard, Anand Kumria, Peter Lees

1. Meeting commenced at 6:40pm

2. Discussion of when and/or why executive & systems should meet. It was proposed that the Executive and Systems should schedule to meet on a regular basis to allow an opportunity for problems of resource abuse to be dealt with. It was agreed to schedule a meeting for the first Monday of each month, with provision to cancel a meeting if no problems requiring attention had arisen by 1 week before the scheduled date.

3. Discussion that an OGM/SGM would be required soon. Dennis to organise & announce meeting for Thursday 8 August 1996.

4. Discussion of methods for getting enough people to an SGM to form a quorum.

5. Discourse by Anand about how a member was found with warez on ftoomsh.

  • a strange sz process was noticed
  • software being uploaded was world-readable commercial licensed material
  • checked for other world-reable files in same area

6. Discussion of what to do with users found with warez or similar. Proposal by Roland that accounts be locked for 6 months on the first offence, and on second offence the member is expelled from the society & reported to Federal Police.

7. Details of time & reasons for account locking for the following members:

  • steve
  • lalaw
  • paranoia
  • kreator
  • lz
  • mik

to be sent to Peter, for him to advise why their accounts are locked, and for how long. (Anton or Anand to compile information)

8. Discussion of Code of Ethics for admins. Agreement that admins should not be unduly constrained since the various systems are the property of the Society, and that individuals can find a real ISP if necessary.

Agreement that admins should be able use any the super-user privilege if they have just cause.

9. Dennis & Roland to examine changes to AUP and constitution on 14 July 1996, ready for SGM in early August.

10. Anton to get paperwork from Cameron Dorrington to enable extra signatories for the Society's bank account, and forward them to Dennis.

11. /usr/local (on ftoomsh, etc) to be set to read only

12. Accounts marked for removal to actually be removed. Discussion of creating a proper accounting database using mSQL.

13. Moved R.Turner seconded D.Clark that an Quantum Atlas 2GB SCSI disk be purchase for approx $670.00 . Additional monies to be reserved for possibly purchasing a new tape device (of some kind)

14. Meeting closed 8:10pm

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