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Minutes of the Society Executive Meeting Monday 25th November 1996

Chair: Dennis Clark

Attending: Dennis Clark, Roland Turner, Anton Blanchard, Cameron Dorrington, Peter Lees, Andrew Wilson (from 6:05pm).

1. Meeting commenced at 5:40pm

2. Discussion of equipment for computer systems. Noted that the UTS Union will buy equipment extax on the society's behalf. Peter to source Exabyte 8505XL tape drive for backup and 4GB SCSI HDD - Quantum Atlas Suggested. Cameron to ask James Torrent if he has had any luck sourcing Sun-branded equipment.

3. Discussion on the legal status of Progsoc, especially concerning it's ownership of equipment. Discussion on the incorporation of Progsoc to form a legal entity. Anton pointed out that DOUTS (Divers of UTS) is already incorporated. It was also noted that in most cases, UTS Union should be expected to take responsibility for and liability brought against Progsoc and it's executive.

4. Discussion on the status of TFM 97, and how to print it. Cameron to ask "Rebecca" from the UTS Union about the Union taking on the cost of printing.

5. Discussion on the relationship of Progsoc to the UTS Union. A number of matters were discussed, primarily on whether Progsoc could/should connect to their network in the event of UTS ITD charging for bandwidth. Anton to send letter to "Ben" (Activities Manager?) on this issue.

6. Further discussion on the UTS Union. Peter to send updated constitution to Union Activities Officer, and inform Union to send correspondance to room 4/438 (Broadway Campus) aka Progsoc HQ.

7. Moved R. Turner, seconded A. Blanchard:

That the executive and Progsoc adopt the Acceptable Usage Policy and SysAdmin Guideline as proposed.

For: 5 , Against: 0. Motion was passed.

8. It was noted that a User database would be needed for the Progsoc systems before March 1997. This matter adjourned to the next Admin Meeting.

9. It was suggested that programming competitions could be run in 1997 to foster interest in programming and stimulate "proper" use of Progsoc's resources.

10. Meeting closed approx 7:00pm

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