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Minutes of the Society Executive / Systems Admin Meeting Tuesday 18th February 1997

Chair: Roland Turner

Attending: Roland Turner, Anton Blanchard, Piers Johnson, Peter Lees

1. Meeting commenced at 5:50pm

2. Discussion of new room for ProgSoc HQ (since the current room will be re-furbished by SOCS as another "Solarium". R. Turner to talk with Jenny Edwards about finding another room for ProgSoc within the School of Computing Sciences (Building 4). Alternate locations could be found in conjunction with the Union, or Electrica Engineering.

3. R. Turner requested that he be reminded to make a console cable.

4. Discussion of apparently high levels of network usage. A. Blanchard to check where traffic is coming from and what protocols are the main offenders (if any). P. Lees to contact Cisco to acquire a router with 2 ethernet ports, to act as a firewall.

5. Discussion of membership for 1997. It was agreed that:

  • Membership be priced at $10.00 for union members, $20.00 for non union members.
  • Membership will include the member's choice of TFM or computer Account
  • TFM be priced at $10.00 if bought separately
  • Computer Account be priced at $10.00

6. Discussion of membership and AGM. It was agreed that

  • 1997 AGM be held on the 20th March 1997
  • 1996 memberships will expire at the start of the AGM
  • 1997 memberships will be available from 1 week before the AGM (13th March)
  • The position of "First Year Rep" be considered for appointment at the AGM

7. Discussion of printing of TFM. P. Johnson to investigate cost of having TFM printed externally.

8. It was agreed that:

  • ProgSoc purchase a tape drive. R.Turner to get quote on DAT drive (DDS-3 and DDS-2)

9. Discussion of disk quotas. Quotas should be more rigorously enforced. Mail should be be directed to user directories, rather than a common mailspool.

10. Meeting closed approx 7:30pm

"The Society" and "ProgSoc" refers to the UTS Programmers' Society

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