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Minutes of the Society Executive / Systems Admin Meeting Tuesday 7th March 1997

Chair: Roland Turner

Attending: Roland Turner, Anand Kumria, Cameron Dorrington, Peter Lees. Late arrivals: Andrew Wilson (6:20pm), Paul McLachlan (6:20pm)

1. Meeting commenced at 6:00pm

2. Discussion about AGM: to be held on 20th March 1997, and 6pm in the Bornholt room. P. Lees to book room & advertise meeting.

3. Discussion about DDS (DAT drive): R. Turner to purchase DDS-2 drive, 10 tapes and a cleaner tape. Likely cost ~ $1500.00.

4. Discussion of TFM: it was resolved that:

  • ProgSoc print the same number of TFM as last time - P. Johnson to organise
  • Any leftover TFM can be sold next year.

5. Discussion of membership: X Terminals should arrive on Monday 10th March, one of which can hopefully be used to perform input. The whole system should be available by Wednesday 12th march.

A roster of times for people to accept memberships was drawn up:

Mon 1pm - 3pm P. McLachlan
Tue 1pm - 3pm R. Turner
Wed 5pm - 7pm A. Kumria
Thu 1pm - 3pm R. Turner
Thu 5pm - 7pm C. Dorrington

P.Lees to draw up chart & post on ProgSoc HQ.

It was noted that some 1996 ProgSoc members are not and were not members of the (a!) University. Student ID cards should be sighted before membership can be taken.

6. A. Kumria suggested ProgSoc should organise more social events. It was decided to leave such plans for the 1997 executive.

7. A. Kumria announced plans for use of ftoomsh and yeenoghu: ftoomsh would be open for anyone to run a mud or mud-like server. yeenoghu would be available as a second "user" system. An announcement will be made when the systems are ready to be used in this manner.

8. Meeting closed approx 6:40pm

"The Society" and "ProgSoc" refers to the UTS Programmers' Society

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