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Minutes of the Society Executive / Systems Admin Meeting Friday 18th April 1997

Chair: Roland Turner

Attending: Roland Turner, Anand Kumria, Cameron Dorrington, Peter Lees, Dennis Clark, Anton Blanchard

Late arrivals: Paul McLachlan (6:30pm)

  1. Meeting commenced at 6:00pm
  2. Roll of 1997 AGM will be stored by P.Lees for records, if needed.
  3. Note that apologies for Chris Wood were not noted in minutes of AGM.
  4. Discussion on brevity of 1997 financial report. C.Dorrington to produce more detailed account of income & expenditure by Friday 25th April 1997.
  5. It was noted that the St George account is currently charged $4.00 per month: this is for the extra features such as a chequebook, more regular statements, etc. The Society may need to investigate a cheaper alternative.
  6. Discussion of social events. A.Blanchard & P.Lees raised objections to ProgSoc money being spent on organising events unrelated to the goals of the Society. Multi-player games such as DOOM, Quake, were suggested as "appropriate" events, and the issues of holding such events were discussed. It was noted that paying for a security guard in order to hold the event after 9pm weekdays at SOCS would not necessarily be very expensive (approx $20/hour, or less).
    It was resolved that a Social Sub-Commitee be established to develop ideas and organise events. Chi was to be asked to convene the sub committee, otherwise A.Kumria would start it off.
  7. Discussion of constitution workgroup. A mailing list has been established wg-const@progsoc.uts.edu.au. PSEXEC mailing list will not be a member of this list. Glen Rickersly to be invited to convene the workgroup, otherwise R.Turner to convene.
    Items for the workgroup to discuss include:
    • advance notice of nomination for executive positions
    • proxy & absentee voting
    • composition of executive
    • how to maintain "corporate" knowledge
    • clause 10
    • inclusion of Immediate Past President in executive
    The workgroup should report in 6 weeks (by end of May), to allow a SGM early in second semester.
  8. It was resolved that OGMs will be held on the Friday of week 11, and then twice again in second semester.
  9. It was resolved that the progsoc-announce mailing list would be used to announce exec/admin meetings, and that members expecting to attend should RSVP with any items they wanted added to the agenda.
  10. Executive members were asked to send mail to the ps-exec mailing list before posting to progsoc-announce, so that all executive members knew what was happening.
  11. It was resolved that only executive members should be able to send messages to progsoc-announce. Any "extraneous" people should be removed.
  12. TFM was discussed. 1997 TFM cost $5.95 each to produce. The need to hand out TFM with membership was questioned, on the basis that many people seem to join ProgSoc for Internet access, rather than TFM. There are no hard figures at this stage, however. New editors have volunteered: Michael Luu and "Cina" on Forest.
  13. Discussion of handling increasing number of people joining ProgSoc solely for Internet account.
  14. Discussion fo ProgSocNet bandwidth use. On some estimates, ProgSoc uses approx. $13000.00 worth of bandwidth per year. Forest accounts for 33% of netwok traffic, WWW for 20%. P.Lees suggested approaching the Union for assistance with this, if ITD decides to bill.
  15. Discussion of replacing snoopy with a new router: a Linux system with three ethernet cards. The third segment would be used to provide user systems, muds, etc with a network connection. A 486 motherboard would be required. Alternatively, a real router could be used, if someone will donate one.
  16. Discussion on "remote" (ie non-UTS) members. Each case should apply to the executive for a decision on whether membership would be allowed.
  17. A.Kumria to investigate getting a donated DAT drive from Sony.
  18. Expiry of 1996 membership to occur on Sunday, 20th April. Accounts will be locked, and deleted one month later. R.Turner to effect locking.
  19. Discussion of re-affiliation with Union. C.Dorrington to provide income & expenditure report, and collect required paperwork from Union.
  20. Discussion of 3 year membership by Chris Wood. Rejected on the basis that the membership situation may change in this time. Membership renewals would be accepted by mail, etc.
  21. Discussion of DNS. ProgSoc must be "all or nothing". SOCS would not accept the extra traffic required to act as the primary server. A.Blanchard to investigate the situation further.
  22. Discussion of locked "bear" account. Offense was running an IRC 'bot on geryon, which violated Telstra's AUP. The account will be locked for three months unless a successful appeal is made by "bear" at the next exec/admin meeting. A.Blanchard to check details.
  23. Discussion of /usr/local deferred due to time constraints.
  24. Discussion of keys to ProgSoc HQ. Keys are in the possession of:
  25. Discussion of NIS+ deferred due to time constraints.
  26. Discussion on ProgSoc HQ. A.Blanchard to request viewing of new room proposed by SOCS.
  27. R.Turner reported that ProgSoc Admin System was being "cleaned up".
  28. Consideration of Carolyn Choy (Sun Microsystems) being assigned as a SuperUser. A. Kumria to check the number of people with SuperUser access and make a decision.
  29. Likely purchases/expenses in the near future are:
    Prices will be referred to psexec mailing list for approval.
  30. It was noted that current signatories to the chequebook are P.Lees (secretary) and C.Dorrington (treasurer).
  31. Meeting closed approx 7:30pm
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