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Minutes of the Society Executive / Systems Admin Meeting Friday 16th May 1997

Chair: Roland Turner

Attending: Roland Turner, Anand Kumria, Cameron Dorrington, Paul McLachlan, Anton Blanchard, Justin Warren

Late arrivals: Andrew Wilson (6:45pm), Peter Lees (6:20pm)

Apologies: Tony Young

  1. Meeting commenced at 6:05pm
  2. Discussion with 'stux' on the use of his account. The stated intention was to supply an "easy installer" for a free product, but the member also provided a component that usually requires a license (the member owns one license) . ProgSoc will take advice of University Corporate Responsibilities Unit and not provide any further information to SoftArc at this time. 'stux' invited to resign membership of ProgSoc, to assist the Society to distance himself & protect the rest of the membership in case of further legal action by SoftArc. R.Turner to seek further advice on this matter.
  3. 'badpuppy' account locked for following offences: Sharing account; breach of ITD AUP (using IRC when others needed to use workstation for real work). Member was also abusive when questioned about use of system. Account will remain locked until member contacts executive at meeting.
  4. 'dark' locked for account sharing: 3 months.
  5. Discussion of 'nologin' program used for locking accounts. Suggestion that the program provide an (accurate) explanation of why the account was locked and what (if anything) the member can do to have it unlocked.
  6. J.Warren volunteered to edit the monthly newsletter, Veronique Kraft to be invited to assist.
  7. Discussion of the format of newsletter. A.Kumria suggested an initial hardcopy version. J.Warren favoured an electronic version. Discussion of WWW archive - www group requested to provide a suitable space for the newsletter.
  8. Discussion of content of newsletter. Submission will be sought from membership. An email alias will be set up for receiving submissions.
  9. Discussion of membership cards. Peter Meric currently working on layout. It was suggested that the cards were unlikely to be necessary for their own sake, but would be worthwhile if there was benefits in holding one (eg discounts).
  10. J.Warren to enquire about possible discounts for ProgSoc members for Vodaphone mobile phones.
  11. Discussion of mailing list archive. It was resolved that:
    1. the mailing list archive not be culled
    2. the mailing list should be accessible by password
    3. Carolyn Choy to be asked to add a message to the footer of the remailer:
    "this list is archived at <http://www.progsoc.uts.edu.au/lists/progsoc/>"
  12. J.Warren left 7:10pm.
  13. Discussion on anonymity. R.Turner suggested users should not be able to modify their GCOS field to change their real name, since this might promote "bad behaviour". A.Kumria suggested that members should be able to remain anonymous from the rest of the Internet, but that ProgSoc administration should be able to find out who they were. It was resolved that:
    1. in the short term finger be blocked to sites outside UTS.
    2. in the long term, finger be modified to allow access from outside UTS if the member has a readable .plan file. A.Wilson to perform this task.
  14. Discussion on need for 3-port router. R.Turner to cost low-end PC with 3 network cards on which to run Linux.
  15. Discussion of requests for member's machines to be added to ProgSocNet. Any member machines must wait until the router is in place and the untrusted network established.
  16. Discussion of DNS. ProgSoc will take responsibility for own DNS management. A.Kumria and A.Blanchard to follow up with ITD. P.Lees offered Next Online as a secondary name server.
  17. Discussion of FAQ. P.McLachlan to compose & distribute for comments to Admin and Exec.
  18. Discussion of ways to improve response to mail to system mailing list. C.Dorrington suggested a common mailbox. A.Wilson suggested a ticketing system. A.Wilson and A.Blanchard to investigate ticketing system. C.Dorrington and A.Kumria to investigate common mailbox.
  19. P.Lees asked why ProgSoc Admin System was acronymed (?) PSA. System was renamed PAS. A.Kumria reported that the only scripts waiting to be written are unlock account and delete account.
    A.Wilson to examine mSQL system and implement:
    1. locking account
    2. unlocking account
    3. edit GCOS
    4. enter receipts
    P.Lees to talk to A.Wilson about DBI and DBD for Perl5
  20. A.Blanchard to purchase Spac Architecture Manual.
  21. P.Lees to write letter to Sony (asking for DDS drive); Digital (asking for alpha) and SGI (asking for something). A.Kumria to provide contact details for Sony and Digital.
  22. R.Turner to cost HDD case
  23. Meeting closed 8.25pm
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