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Minutes of the Society Executive / Systems Admin Meeting Friday 6th June 1997

Chair: Roland Turner

Attending: Roland Turner, Anand Kumria, Phil Shead, Carolyn Choy, Adam Bewsher, Anton Blanchard, Justin Warren

Late arrivals: Andrew Wilson (7:00pm), Peter Lees (6:20pm)

  1. Meeting commenced at 6:00pm
  2. No report on membership cards from P.Meric. A.Kumria will follow up.
  3. No report on finger replacement by A.Wilson. A.Kumria to follow up.
  4. R.Turner reports quote by TodayTech on PC to act as router: Pentium 120 w/o monitor: $800 ex tax. SMC ethernet cards $95.00 each. Some discussion on whether we should get other quotes; A.Kumria to follow up.
  5. Discussion on DNS - ProgSoc now administers it's own domain. Next Online not correctly responding. P.Lees to follow up.
  6. R.Turner reports quote by TodayTech on HDD case: $120.00. It was resolved that:
  7. A.Wilson reports that mSQL 2b7.1 is installed, for use with ProgSoc Admin System.
  8. A.Blanchard awarded Club Person of the Year 1996. It was noted that he was the only nominee.
  9. Discussion on locked accounts deferred until next month. General agreement that the list of locked accounts should be reviewed each month.
  10. Moved R.Turner, seconded A.Kumria
    that ProgSoc initiate a campaign against distributing software illegally.
    Proposed steps in the campaign include:
    • educate membership
    • introduce mandatory punishment for people continuing to distribute illegally
    R.Turner to work on proposal for review by the executive.

11. A.Kumria reports that traffic geko.com.au is currently blocked, due to spamming activities originating there.

     It was resolved that
         * geko.com.au shall remain blocked, with review only if a ProgSoc member requires access 

12. Discussion on constitution working group. P.McLachlan and R.Turner have not started on this project - will do so during break.

13. R.Turner queried whether criteria for account locking should be specifically published. It was pointed out that any activity not condoned in the ProgSoc Acceptable Usage Policy was worthy of review and/or reprimand. It was noted that explanatory messages for people whose accounts were locked would not be available until the ProgSoc Admin System was operational.

14. A.Blanchard described a device that he was construction to monitor the computer room temperature & shutting down systems (and the rebooting) if necessary..

15. Request from C.Choy for root access, specifically to fix majordomo problems. A.Kumria advised she would be added to the majordom group to allow her to edit files.

16. P.Lees advised that he had not yet contacted computer companies for sponsership.

17. David Luong asked to explain his infringement of ProgSoc AUP. He was advised on to ensure he read the AUP before using his account again. Account was re-opened.

18. ProgSoc was advised that likely charges from UTS ITD for network traffic would be $115.00/GB (inbound).

19. Meeting closed 7:30pm

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