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Minutes of the Society Executive / Systems Admin Meeting Friday 4th July 1997

Chair: Paul McLachlan

Attending: Anand Kumria, Carolyn Choy, Paul McLachlan, Anton Blanchard, Peter Lees, Andrew Wilson (from 6:30pm)

Meeting commenced at 6:25pm

A.Wilson reports that mSQL 2 does work, but needs to be re-installed. DBD/DBI is not usable.

A.Wilson is looking into problem tracking system.

A.Wilson requested more information on new fingerd. A.Kumria advised that fingerd was going to prevent names being accessible from userid, but noted that this was possible from the WWW pages list anyway.

It was resolved that:

  • If user has a file .noname in the home directory, then fingerd will not show information to those outside uts.edu.au, and will show userid instead of full name in the home pages list

P.Lees will make the changes to the WWW home page listing script.

It was noted that R.Turner was in the process of acquiring a PC for ProgSoc to use as a router.

It was noted that we still have no tape drive for backup.

P.Lees advised that letters had been sent to SGI and DEC about equipment donations. A letter would be sent to Sony shortly.

Discussion on Sendmail:

  • set up no relay
  • P.McLachlan requested an MX record for Realm (approved)
  • user mailboxes to be moved to home directories
  • consideration of limiting the number of messages received, as an anti-spam measure.

P.McLachlan advised that the Consitution Worgkgroup had yet to meet, and that ideas should be sent to him.

A.Kumria reported that around 300 programs remained to be ported to (from?) geryon. He also reported that nothing had been done by the"local" workgroup.

A.Kumria questioned whether yeenoghu should be opened to users. No objections at this time.

Discussion on the new room. The new room will be much smaller, but may have ducted air conditioning (if on level 4). Date for move is supposedly 4 weeks from 4th July 1997.

P.Lees to acquire 4MB SIMM with parity to test SLC.

P.Lees to book room for OGM on 8th August.

Meeting closed 6:55pm

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