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Minutes of the Society Executive / Systems Admin Meeting Friday 5th September 1997

Chair: Roland Turner

Attending: Roland Turner, Anand Kumria, Peter Lees, Carolyn Choy, George Wright

Apologies: Adam Bewsher

Meeting commenced at 6:20pm

R.Turner announced that the Society had received an offer from Clayton UTZ to act as legal counsel on a pro-bono basis should any action be taken against ProgSoc as a result of the alleged actions of "stux"

  • Proposed R.Turner, seconded P.Lees
  • That Progsoc accept the offer Motion carried unanimously.

It was noted that membership cards were actually required at the recent B&S ball to identify members of contributing societies. It was suggested that stickers could be made up for the back of student card or similar ID.

$200-300 has apparently disappeared from the cashbox kept at ProgSoc HQ. The cashbox lock has been broken again. It was suggested that the UTS Union could take membership instead. For the time being, no cash is to be kept in the cash box.

An explanation for the lateness and/or none existance of minutes was requested. P.Lees apologised for the tardiness of some minutes & will check on which are or are not available.

Meeting closed 6:55pm

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