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Minutes of the Society Executive / Systems Admin Meeting Friday 3rd October 1997

Chair: Roland Turner

Attending: Roland Turner, Anand Kumria, Peter Lees, Carolyn Choy, Paul McLachlan, Chris Wood, Anton Blanchard

Meeting commenced at 6:10pm

A.Kumria listed locked accounts. There were 6 new locked accounts. It was resolved that James Bathie's account should be unlocked as soon as he undertakes to respect administrative guidelines about binding ports.

Discussion of whether coursework should be allowed on ProgSocNet. It was resolved that such use is OK, but that members should be aware that there is no guaranteed level of service offered. An announcement will be placed in MOTD or to progsoc-announce.

Discussion of binding ports, with regard to the AUP. It was agreed that the AUP would be altered to include requirement that members make prior arrangement to bind to ports below a certain number. The limit has yet to be determined.

Discussion of requirements for members to put their own equipment on ProgSocNet. Owners of such systems must:

  • turn up to admin meetings on a regular basis
  • be on the admin list
  • provide the Computer Systems Officer with superuser access to the system

In the case of a ProgSoc member's account being locked, internet access to any system on which that member has access will be blocked until the systems administrators have locked that member's account.

P.McLachlan & A.Kumria to attend Union activities meeting on Wednesday 8th October.

R.Turner to price tape drive for purchase ASAP.

A.Blanchard to purchase RAM for Sun ELC.

Discussion on use of firewall. Unwanted services will be blocked:

  • ICMP to realm
  • unused services below 1024
  • traffic to nonexistant hosts

C.Wood to report next meeting on legal liability of internet service providers.

Written opinion received from Clayton UTZ on "stux" matter: in short, wait and see what happens.

A.Blanchard announced keypad lock is being built for ProgSoc HQ room, to obviate the need for keys.

Meeting closed 6:40pm

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