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Minutes of the Society Executive / Systems Admin Meeting Friday 14th November 1997

Chair: Roland Turner

Abbreviations: Roland Turner (RT), Anand Kumria (AK), Paul McLachlan (PM), Piers Johnson (PJ), Rodrigo del Busto (ROD), Michael Cheung (MC), Anton Blanchard (AB), Brett Morgan (BM), Robert Lowe (RL)

Attending: Roland Turner (raz), Anand Kumria (wildfire), Paul McLachlan (subtle), Anton Blanchard (anton), Brett Morgan (brett), Piers Johnson (kaleid), Rodrigo del Busto (rod), Michael Cheung (mickey1).

Apologies: Andrew Wilson (milamber), Mark Lipscombe (snewpy), Peter Lees (peterl), Chris Wood (alsa_ito), Matthew Keenan (matt)

Late: Robert Lowe (rob) @ 6:15pm

Meeting commenced at 6:00pm

Account Locking

  • AK listed new locked accounts, there were 3 new locked accounts. thespus locked because there were 18 login attempts in 20 minutes. stance and mickey1 locked because ITD pointed out their accounts were being shared.
  • MC pointed out that he wasn't sharing his account, he just accessed it from someone elses account. MC was informed of ITP AUP by BM, RT and AK resolved to unlock account when ITD unlocks his account.
  • MC left @ 6:10pm

Discussion relating to advice from Clayton Utz, RT had left advice at home. Resolved to defer discussion until next meeting.

Room Move

  • Demolishes on 1st December
  • Must move things before then
  • PJ suggests turning equip into artwork. RT wonders if any artists are in ProgSoc
  • ROD suggest selling by weight: $1 buys 0.10kg
  • Agreed to organise a 'help crew'
  • ROD volunteers to bring along a trolley to move things
  • RT will send a message to progsoc-announce
  • Not everything can be moved: waiting on network connection and keys to new room. RT will follow up


  • Received letter from Sony indicating they are too poor to donate hardware to us.
  • RT will purchase a tape drive
  • AB and AK recommend the purchase of a number of new drives. 1 x 4G, 1 x 2G and 2 x 1G or whatever are felt economical. The main point being that there needs to be at least 4 new spindles.
  • RT, PM, AK resolve to purchase new drives. RT will be responsible for them.

AUP Changes

  • AK? RT? suggest we make a seris of ports available for local experimentation. AK suggests that range be 10000 to 11000.
  • If you wish to use a port that is globally accessable you must ask mud (at) progsoc.uts.edu.au
  • RT proposes the following text
    • Listening for connection to any machine on ProgSoc's network on protocol ports below 10 000 or above 11 000 without prior authorisation from the Executive Committee.
    • and the addition of the following footnote
    • The ports 10 000 to 11 000 inclusive are allocated for experimental use inside ProgSoc.
  • RT, PM and AK vote to amend to the AUP - AK will do amendment
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