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Minutes of the Society Executive Meeting Friday 9 April 1999

Chair: Anton Blanchard

Attending: Anton Blanchard, Telford Tendys, Christian Kent, Chris Mewett, Steve Evans.

Apologies: nil

Meeting commenced at 09:30 (approx). No agenda set.

1999 Registrations

  • Weekly times for registrations have been set.
  • Do the Exec need to take signatures from all members? Yes, we need to get all signatures this year, to make sure we have everyone's (after having less success last year). Then next year we might not have to, because the AUP persists.
    • Mon: Christian 5-6 4/438
    • Tue: Steve 7-8 4/G25
    • Wed: Chris 9-11 4/G25
    • Thu: Telford 3-5 LDC Level 23 (building 1)
    • Fri: Anton 11-12 4/G25


  • Currently, only 3 keys to the ProgSoc room are available.
  • Christian to see Marie in SoCS level 3 to get keys for Telford and himself.


  • The authors had a moral right to be recognised, so GPL'ing the whole publication might be a problem.
  • Telford wants to find the authors, but Anton suggests we just put TFM up on the web.
  • Anton will talk to Piers to chase up the old TFM web version. Telford will chase down people for GPL'ing permission. Christian is going to write a SoCS Manual, and make it GPL, so then bits can be incorporated into TFM.


  • Anton wants a hub, and a new computer. Definitely Intel platform, possibly a Cyrix CPU.
  • orgo has got to go -- SunOS is not Y2K compliant.

Last year's minutes

  • The 1998 secretary, Michael Miller, has not yet provided the 1998 minutes. Chris will hassle him.

Publicity Officer

  • The posters were deemed cool; but were pulled down because of the mention of "Free" things or "first-years compulsory", perhaps.
  • Christian will do future ones.

Miscellaneous updating of web pages

  • No discussion. Steve needs to leave.

Meeting closes at 10:30 (approx). It is agreed that another meeting in a fortnight is suitable.

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