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Minutes of the Society Executive Meeting Friday 23 April 1999

Chair: Anton Blanchard

Attending: Anton Blanchard, Telford Tendys, Christian Kent, Chris Mewett, Steve Evans.

Apologies: nil

Meeting commenced at 10:00 (approx).

Long-distance registrations

  • We have various options for dealing with the "out-of-towners". It is agreed to have them post in a completed registration form. This is okay (for ProgSoc's benefit, ie AUP) as long as they are renewing.
  • Postal address: Agreed to use UTS Union address, which Christian will obtain. He will then post all details to progsoc-announce.

Rego signatures

  • Do we generally need to witness the signatures as they are made? Yes, only in as much as you should compare them with the ones on the back of the student card, and that this card is kept on the person of the holder.

Internet censorship activism

  • Anton brought up this agenda item. ProgSoc should show that a precedent has been set once we start censorship.
  • Christian and Telford have been involved in the blue-ribbon rally (but missed it!)


  • Anton has missed the 29th April meeting at the UTS Union. However he says they know "we are here", so it should be okay.


  • orgo and geryon have now been replaced with a Cyrix PC with a nice SCSI interface.
  • We will probably end up buying switching hubs, which might end up costing around $500.
  • A camera may possibly come from engineering. One is highly sought (see next item).

Missing money

  • At least $80 which different Exec members recall being in the ProgSoc room, have disappeared and have been written off.

Linux conference

  • It is agreed that ProgSoc will take bookings for Linux Australia.
  • As for the Linux conference speakers in NSW: When they finish up in Melbourne, try to pinch them and take them out for a good time. (Various scenarios involving the Union yacht were considered, but none involved a significant body of ProgSoc members being able to take part).


  • Quake Night 1: Someone to badger Alister, to do it in week 12 or so.
  • Jerry Vochteloo has also proposed some activities as far as "lunchtime lectures" go, to assist newbies at UTS, and in which ProgSoc members may like to give talks.


  • What to do when people have paid for a TFM but pay an Exec member who doesn't have one to sell: Take full money during rego, and make a note to give them a TFM later.
  • To sell TFMs outside a registration, just use a receipt book.


  • Waiting on a final key: 4 should be enough to conduct normal business in 4/G25.

UTS Rowing Club

  • One of the Olympic Stewart brothers has approached Christian about moving their web pages from Geocities to UTS, preferably ProgSoc. The answer is standard; one person has to become a member, and thereby gets an alias.


  • It is agreed to take a week off from the Registration roster, effective immediately; if there are enough complaints, to reinstate another regaulr schedule. But the level of registrations should be sufficient by now.

Quicktime servers and Darwin

  • Christian has suggested using these technologies, now that they have just become open-source, and because all other alternatives are closed-source. It is suggested that ProgSoc offer to try streaming 2SER when the technology is proven to work. To allay fears of bandwidth requirements, an initial broadcast scope to within 138.25.x.x should be imposed.

Bank account

  • We need to get St George to recognise this Exec's signatures right away. In fact, the meeting is closed at 10:55 to pursue this matter henceforth.
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