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Minutes of the Society Executive Meeting Tuesday 8 June 1999

Chair: Anton Blanchard

Attending: Anton Blanchard, Christian Kent, Chris Mewett, Steve Evans.

Apologies: Telford Tendys

Meeting commenced at 19:21.


  • The membership numbers are finally ready; Chris can get a copy; and Steve can print out a copy tonight from the SQL tables. TFMs and mugs will be included.
  • Chris says we are $200 down in our cheque account from where we ought to be, due to a "logic fault".
  • As for the UTS Union contributing financially, they usually give us our money retrospectively; however, we had better get our claims in before the end of the financial year (end of June).

Money and sundry matters

  • There will be a cheque for Shaun Clowes to give to the UTS Union; this is for 9 people who were at the dinner at the ProgSoc table.
  • There is a cheque for the Apple G3 to go to SoCS, value of $2,505 (to be verified with receipt, by Chris).
  • Someone needs to pick up the international/long-distance member renewal moneys (Christian).
  • Someone needs to fill in the receipts from spending petty cash on sutekh (Telford).
  • Anton prefers if the Executive would discuss (and agree) before we commit to saying nice things about our sponsors on the ProgSoc home page, as in the case with the SCSI card and DEC Tulip ethernet card in sutekh.
  • Agreement with Anton, that we need to purchase a brand new hub soon; just a simple repeater. It may yet be faster if we still look for a donation, but nobody knows.
  • ALSSA's activities currently sit on orgo, which is about to bite the bullet, so it has to be moved (Anton).
  • Junk in the ProgSoc room needs throwing out. We should think about hiring a scrap metal merchant.
  • It is agreed that we definitely need a camera in the ProgSoc room 4/G25.
  • MySQL may have been having problems but Anton says it works at the moment. Steve hasn't checked Jitterbug for any reports about this yet.
  • It is agreed that the SLUG lists (eg, slug@...) should get pointed to ProgSoc.

Next Public Meeting

  • Agreed that we need to have one ASAP. We shall probably spend whatever beer subsidy we can, or just some petty cash on beer.

7/8/9 July Linux meeting

  • In-principle agreement to get ProgSoc involved officially. Further plans to be done on email.

Steve will be on holiday

  • Steve has indicated he will be able to do some tasks remotely; other admin/exec will cope.

Meeting closes at 19:52.

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